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We are told, these “vaccines” are for combating severe disease which Omicron doesn’t cause, ergo prescribing more of them is like asking someone to take a shower in order to get dry Pic by Shehan Gunasekara 



We have had risk foisted upon us via a virus of likely laboratory origin and perhaps malicious design and experimental technologies which are supposed to be our saviours but whose long-term effects are years away, and where outbreaks of “coincidental” deaths from myocarditis and clots are enough to give a sane person pause. Especially if we have to keep injecting and re-injecting for perpetuity, while global thugs tell us we can’t be allowed to live or travel, until we subject ourselves (just ask Djokovic) to the police camp antics of utterly mad jurisdictions chasing a clearly discredited Zero-COVID fantasy



The term is “therapeutic nihilism”, the unwillingness to treat a highly treatable pathogen. And given the national challenges we are awash in here in Sri Lanka, economic haemorrhaging that needs emphatic fact-based attention and decisive leadership, we have no time to be derailed by pandemic confusion.

We are currently dealing with Omicron primarily, which the Danes say is so mild that in two months they expect this to have served as a “natural vaccine” given the high case load displacing Delta, and the low lethality and middling impact on hospitalisations. And since Omicron, as per the data, preferentially seems to afflict the vaccinated and boosted (this was clear in South Africa, is clear in Denmark, and virtually everywhere else), the answer cannot be more “vaccinations” or an endless round of four boosters a year. Each variant is being “stimulated” by evasive manoeuvres from the already dated “vaccines” (designed for Alpha, already floundering with Delta, hence the booster escapades in Israel). 

And this is a mercy, as otherwise the mad dash to eliminate early treatment from a highly treatable pathogen was escalating to truly deplorable extremes. Daniel Horowitz reports a 47-year-old diabetic suffering from epilepsy and hypertension in a Maryland hospital with a blood oxygen level of 83. He had literally kept away from people for two years and got three shots, all meaningless, all backfired. 

Now he was being given the truly dangerous “approved” remedy of Remdesivir. Somehow, the approved, expensive, but highly efficacious monoclonal antibodies are now not available. So, the question comes home to roost. The FDA mafioso in the US, how desperately do they want to choke off all varietals of outpatient treatment for COVID, despite the presence of so many, demonstrably effective therapeutics? 

The NIH has now manipulated their own website to camouflage their own earlier position on the Nobel Prize winning Ivermectin (Nobel prize for human uses needless to say). Back in October, the NIH’s chart (2E) placed ivermectin and nitazoxanide on the same footing as remdesivir (a big money maker) which causes kidney failure, renal issues, liver toxicity and other such side effect “benevolences”. Ivermectin and nitazoxanide were indicated to be “generally well tolerated.” This is akin to being a near-perfect drug. If you wish to see the screenshot, use Wayback Machine.

Of course, once this was highlighted, NIH removed the page, and on 16 December, larcenously, it now claims that remdesivir is approved and the others are not (what a difference two fact free months can make!). And no longer are the other two “well tolerated” (amazing given ivermectin having been in circulation since the ’80s with billions of doses).

The new website attributes “side effects” to both on no new evidence. Millions of ivermectin doses over the pandemic have failed to confirm any worrying side effects that were not the result of distorted hype or people fleeing to horse paste as the human denomination was rendered inaccessible (and even then, it often did the healing trick). And for nitazoxanide, given how rare and expensive it is, that a sudden flood of users suddenly encountered adverse effects is implausible. 

These two drugs have been FDA approved for years (albeit for other uses, but repurposing drugs happens in medical treatment all the time), and remdesivir is not fully FDA approved to this day! Just as with HCQ in 2020, this was a Big Pharma blood libel against a long-standing safe drug. For example, back in September, New Mexico health officials claimed that two people died of ivermectin overdoses (even if true, after billions of doses, that would only argue that all drugs have “safe” dosage ranges). On December 1st, their Human Services Secretary, Dr. David Scrase, admitted the two people actually died of “natural causes” as per the coroner entered cause of death! That will never make headlines alas.

None of the major media outlets have published this correction. Animal and human ivermectin continues to be conflated, because the FDA-approved drug is illegally choked off, despite being considered an “essential medicine” by WHO – so great is the terror of it in Pharma circles. We know it’s safe, clearly established. If not efficacious, let the doctor and patient decide. But the trend over the pandemic has been the same, by the so called “caretakers” of public health. Namely, attack any cheap remedy that may overturn the dubious Emergency Use Authorizations given to the failing “vaccines” (cases and excess deaths are higher in much of the US in 2021, awash in boosters, than they were at the same time in 2020). Aspirin has been attacked, as has betadine nasal rinse, despite remarkable data championing its use.

60+ ivermectin studies are swatted aside, fluvoxamine has remarkable reports from randomised trials published (reluctantly) in top journals. A double blinded randomised trial in Lancet showed fluvoxamine reducing C-19 mortality rates by up to 91% and hospitalisations by two thirds. Such findings however have triggered zero interest to study the drug or its use (only Florida, no surprise, is promoting this as a treatment). Because truly there is zero interest in affordable, effective treatment, or anything other than manic jabbing…down to young children (who neither on the data, pass on the infection, or are at any appreciable risk from it). 

Dr. Brian Tyson, an urgent care doctor who has successfully treated over 7,000 COVID patients in California points out that pharmacies battle doctors for prescribing any drug not clearly “indicated” for COVID. But that is not the pharmacist’s job. And the FDA in less delirious times has clearly indicated “off-label FDA approved drugs” are suitable when “medically appropriate” as judged by the doctor! 

COVID is a consortium of symptoms, all of which have treatments. By withholding all these treatments, Dr. Tyson points out “…there is no way to prevent the cytokine storm that leads to respiratory failure.” He adds, “Withholding these drugs without any alternatives available should be considered malpractice on the part of these pharmacies who illegally practice medicine.” So, inflammation, thrombosis, secondary pneumonias all stockpile and crescendo while pharmacists are being jockeyed with.

Dr. Tyson has yet to lose a patient, summed it up thus:

“If you see inflammation, use anti-inflammatories

If you see blood clots, treat blood clots

If you see pneumonia, treat pneumonia

If you see hypoxemia, treat hypoxemia

If you know its viral, use antivirals

If you do nothing, quit practicing.”

The “brand name” of the illness doesn’t matter, the underlying illness and symptoms are what should have been leading the way. Japan has returned ivermectin to the mainstream and refused to compel vaccination. Their stats are vastly more encouraging than Europe’s or the US, and they never really locked down either. There is a “method” there and it is far from “madness.” 

Even this fails

There is the repeated mantra, as we sacrificially line up citizens for “jabbing” that even if the “vaccines” don’t stop infection, they keep you from severe consequences. Commentator Steve Deace has essentially disrobed this silliness. Let’s follow his rationale.

First, there is the attempt to rewrite history, saying there was never a claim that infection was prevented. It is true the manufacturers of these “vaccines” made no such claim, even in their EUA application, but the US CDC and other addled bodies, certainly did. March 29th, 2021, a “study” (long since debunked by data) was published claiming “90% efficacy” against transmission. Delta massacred the contention, and Omicron is now administering last rites to it.

In fact, with Omicron, the risk of “breakthrough infection” or shall we not call a spade a spade, “vaccine failure” has more than quintupled! Breakthrough hospitalisations for the jabbed have at least doubled testifies that purveyor of panic porn, the New York Times, surpassing January 2021’s alleged “peak surge.”

So, Delta made prior data samples irrelevant, Omicron has done the same, so any touting of the jabbed vs unjabbed pre-dating these is propagandist idiocy. If you are sane and do a risk assessment, you will have to concede the overall risk of COVID death or hospitalisation is extremely low anyway. If you are below 70 and don’t have multiple comorbidities, recovery rates are over 99%. So, we are not dealing with any rational planetary compulsion for desperately carpet bombing the population with gene therapies whose safety trials are still not over.

If we take the US CDC at their word, Deace points out there were, as of September 2021, 146.6 million infections in the US. Just for simplicity, he suggests we pretend there haven’t been any since. Clearly there have been, but just to thread the needle on this point. As of 25 December 2021, roughly 2,598,680 COVID associated hospitalisations in US, 2% under the age of 18. If we take that as literally true in aggregate, that means 1.7% of COVID infections only have ever led to hospitalisation, and that is while underestimating infections by over three months. So, the actual rate would be palpably lower.

And before we rush to give that credit to the jabbing (these stats are even better in unjabbed parts of the world by the way), post Delta, the hospitalisation rate (for a milder variant) is higher than the third and fourth quarters of 2020 pre-jabbing. Ergo, no net benefit can be rationally ascribed. 

Let’s move to deaths, as of 6 January 2022, we have Worldometer reporting 852,474 total COVID deaths in the US. The US has one of the worst global ratios (compared say to South Asia, much of Africa, etc.), but even there, the overall IFR (infection fatality rate) would put that at 0.58% (still using a three-month-old infection number, so the actual IFR is appreciably less than that even!).

Back to risk assessment. With such a middling mortality profile, outside a clearly demarcated vulnerability profile, you would understandably be wary of the risks of experimental technology, particularly one where incentives run the gamut from ice cream cones to internment camps. Average COVID death is over 75 with four comorbidities. 

So, the majority is not at serious risk, period. So, when you then see that Ivermectin since 1996 was associated with 393 deaths and COVID vaccines in just 12 months, over 21,002 (from the US VAERS, which usually reports 1-10% of actual outcomes as reporting is very onerous, we are old by medical practitioners), you might for such low risk, choose your therapeutic, hedging your bets and going with an “essential medicine”.

We have had risk foisted upon us via a virus of likely laboratory origin and perhaps malicious design and experimental technologies which are supposed to be our saviours but whose long-term effects are years away, and where outbreaks of “coincidental” deaths from myocarditis and clots are enough to give a sane person pause. Especially if we have to keep injecting and re-injecting for perpetuity, while global thugs tell us we can’t be allowed to live or travel, until we subject ourselves (just ask Djokovic) to the police camp antics of utterly mad jurisdictions chasing a clearly discredited Zero-COVID fantasy.

It’s not a flu shot. Those have been around for decades, no one takes three to four a year, there are no mandates, there are no rigged reports about efficacy. And we haven’t here even factored in denial of early treatments mentioned above and the infections “mandated” by the savage suppression of same, nor how even the IFR is doubtless inflated due to the “with” and “from” death certificate massaging.

So, no, the data doesn’t hold up in the US or elsewhere. Unvaccinated Singapore and Vietnam had virtually no deaths. These have skyrocketed since “protection” was enforced throughout their populace.  

Turning to Africa

The narrative bluster was with poor public health infrastructure, about 6% vaccination, millions were surely going to die in Africa. The catastrophic scenario has never materialised, leaving experts as mystified as they’ve been throughout, practicing more COVID theology than science.  Total COVID ascribed deaths across the African continent as of 6 January 2022, 230,000. Nothing “pandemic” about that. 

An Associated Press report on 30 December 2021, on site in Harare, Zimbabwe, in a poor township, hundreds of unmasked people were milling around, selling fruit and vegetables from congested wooden tables and plastic sheets, very relaxed. C-19 is now “static” there as political rallies, concerts and home gatherings have multiplied.

People testified they keep masks in their pockets to fend off bribe demands from the police, and they can’t really remember when anyone clearly died “from” COVID, rather it being “present” but not clearly the primary cause of death. Earlier in that December week, even by official reporting, Zimbabwe had 33 COVID-19 cases and zero deaths!

Yes, we all hear how difficult it is to receive accurate reporting across the continent. But clearly, as I’ve pointed out before, there aren’t millions of corpses stealthily stockpiled in some landfill. Wafaa El-Sadr, Chair of Global Health at Columbia University confirms, “Africa doesn’t have the vaccines and resources to fight C-19 that they have in Europe and the US, but somehow they seem to be doing better.”

Hardier immune systems dealing with truly challenging viral and bacterial pathogens, a younger population, abundant Vitamin D enriched sunlight, all doubtless contribute. Low rates of urbanisation, mean fresh air and more movement (“locking down” was one of the daftest approaches imaginable for an airborne virus).

Jane Achan, a senior research adviser at the Malaria Consortium, reports on her research confirming that COVID-19 patients with high rates of exposure to malaria, were far less likely to suffer severe disease. The malarial exposure seems to have a protective effect, with immune systems not going into reflexive overdrive upon exposure. The extensive networks of community health workers very likely have also done what Dr. Tyson has been advocating…they treated symptoms they are well versed in treating, not a “brand name” illness.

The presence of humility has been a tonic for the continent, having weathered Ebola, polio, malaria. WHO data shows that African C-19 ascribed deaths are 3% of the global total, compared with the 46% from the US and 29% from Europe, which is dizzying, and leads one to wonder, why their playbook is being followed. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has 3,000 ascribed deaths from 200 million people. The US hits that number every few days. Of course, Asia went from 16% of the world’s deaths to close to 20% post the madcap “vaccination” campaign. We have to pray Africa avoids following suit. 

And what might Omicron do to this calculus? Despite the “booster” bilge coming from feckless Pfizer and its political and medical acolytes, we know this narrative just doesn’t hold water. We are told, these “vaccines” are for combating severe disease which Omicron doesn’t cause, ergo prescribing more of them is like asking someone to take a shower in order to get dry.

Between Omicron being announced on 24 November and the Pfizer CEO spurting out his booster guidance on 8 December, clearly no testing or trials intervened to underwrite this recommendation. The BBC, surging in the fatuous sweepstakes proclaimed that “scientists” indicated two doses aren’t enough, but with boosters 75% wouldn’t get any symptoms. No specific “scientists” were identified or referenced. And since recurring global evidence, recently once more in the journal Clinical Epidemiology, end 2020, pre-vaccination, showed 86% of people who tested positive had no symptoms, then we can hardly cheer this alleged “booster performance” even if it were accurate. 

Eliding between different performance criteria, the BBC said two doses would not stop infection (neither would three as we know), but with three, “symptoms” would not materialise. Let us remember death is the concern, Omicron is overwhelmingly mild, and for most people, even with more aggressive strains, we had an over 99% recovery rate. So, we have shelved any real sense of “vaccine” for symptom reduction mechanisms. How can anyone “mandate” one therapeutic over another, especially one you have to keep repeating every few months forever, with unknown long-term consequences?

According to the ONS in the UK, data from early 2022, triple vaccinated are now 4.5 times as likely to test positive for a probable “Omi” infection than the unvaccinated. Hallelujah! Truly a medical miracle!

And finally to excess deaths

While serious scientists like Robert Malone (one of the architects of the mRNA technology horrified by the “vaccine” roll-out and jurisdictions using children as experimental subjects) are “permanently banned” on Twitter for reciting documented facts, authoritarianism is given appealing gloss as “celebrities” (who like Whoopi Goldberg are then shocked when “infected” after “doing everything I was supposed to do”) are wheeled onto soapboxes to warble on with sugary odes to infringing our civil liberties.

So, back to data we go. Indiana Life Insurance’s CEO (a company successfully operating in this field since the 19th century), says deaths (non-COVID caused) are up 40% among people between 18-64. This is many times what in the industry is deemed “catastrophic”.  This is an increase from pre-pandemic levels among working age people. These are the highest death rates says the CEO “in the history of this business.” As a benchmark, a one in 200-year catastrophe would be 10%. 

These are not COVID-related deaths, are outside of the COVID mortality profile (which is above 65 to 70 at minimum), very likely aggravated by being forced to take a toxic “vaccine”. In Indiana, the number of hospitalisations is higher than before the C-19 vaccines, in fact higher than the past five years, says Dr. Lindsay Weaver, Indiana’s Chief Medical Officer.

I am told here in Lanka of unrecorded deaths, or those that seem causally tenuous too. But sudden spikes in non-respiratory related deaths, and now surges of myocarditis among the young globally, and a variant not needing “vaccination” should hopefully all collaborate in a return to bracing sanity. 

Lanka needs its wits around it to repair the country, rescue hundreds of thousands newly plunged into poverty, and provide educational viability to its youth and future leaders. We cannot keep assaulting our bodies and our common sense with this pandemic derangement any longer.  

(The writer is the founder and CEO of EPL Global and founder of Sensei Lanka, a global consultant with over 30 years strategic leadership experience and now, since March 2020 a globally recognised COVID researcher and commentator.)


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