SIP Academy world’s first ever ‘Brand Promise’

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Text and pic by Ruzaik Farook SIP Academy Lanka Ltd., one of the leading skills development organisations for children in Sri Lanka, continues its pioneering role in the abacus industry by offering the world’s first ever ‘Brand Promise’ – a promise to make children five times better in arithmetic calculations by the end of the SIP Abacus and Brain Gym Foundation level 4, or refund of Rs.15,000. Having been in the Abacus training industry since 2004, SIP Lanka has helped over 10,000 children to know and enhance their potential. SIP Academy recently undertook a research project, where more than 150 children participated, to quantify the impact its programs had made on enrolled children. Based on the outcome of this research, SIP Academy Lanka decided to make an ‘SIP Brand Promise’ of improving the children’s arithmetic skills by five times by the end of its Foundation program. Speaking at the press conference held at the Grand Orient Hotel, SIP Academy Lanka Ltd. and SIP Academy India. Managing Director Dinesh Victor said: “We want to set new benchmarks in the abacus industry in Sri Lanka. Our idea is to make people realise how important this is for the growth and future of children. The SIP Abacus program is currently going on in more than 20 centres in and around Colombo city, already delivering a world-class abacus program and their brand promise is its commitment to deliver quality to customers. This unique promise is a sincere effort at raising education and training standards in this industry.” This brand promise was first launched in India in April 2011 and they have decided to extend it to Sri Lanka as well from 1 May. Children who enrol into the SIP Abacus foundation level program undergo an assessment. A similar assessment is repeated at the end of the Foundation program. SIP ensures that the enrolled children do five times better in the later assessment after they have completed the foundation level 4. In addition to improving their arithmetic skills, children also develop learning skills such as concentration, focus and visual memory. “They have focussed on the quality of training sessions for the past 10 years and hence they could confidently announce this brand promise to the children joining the SIP Abacus program,” stated SIP Academy Lanka Ltd. Business Head Sanjeev Menon. “This is a gift for the children of Sri Lanka at the completion of SIP Abacus Program’s successful 10 years in this country,” said SIP Academy Lanka Ltd. Country Head Raheem Rishard. Scientific research has proven that the use of abacus stimulates the functions of right brain. The regular practice of abacus improves the skills of concentration, visual memory, self-confidence, listening skills, observation, retention and recall, apart from the numerical ability they gain naturally out of this. This process uses the tactile, visual and auditory senses to develop the skills which are the three important senses used for learning. SIP Academy Lanka Ltd. is the Lankan wing of SIP Academy SDN BHD, Malaysia. SIP has the largest network in South East Asia and is the fastest growing brain development program. The organisation believes that the progress of the nation is ensured through the progress of children, and this can be achieved by training and developing their latent skills. The program, open to children in the  age group of 7-12 years integrates ‘Brain Gym’ exercises with the abacus methodology known as mental arithmetic, that maximises the potential of a child’s brain. The SIP Program is available in many countries worldwide with over 1,000 centres and 500,000 students benefiting from the program.