Mihin Lanka promotes flights to Kolkata

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Outside-lead-1-Fly-Mihin-The-Indian-Museum-on-Park-Street-houses-five-relics-of-the-Lord-BuddhaThe Indian Museum on Park Street houses five relics of the Lord Buddha

Mihin Lanka is offering the best and most rewarding packages for pilgrims travelling to Kolkata fulfilling a lifelong dream of visiting a sacred site. 

The airline that has been operating flights to various religious sites in the region now provides you with the opportunity of flying from Colombo to Kolkata, one of the favoured destinations for pilgrimages. 

The Mihin Lanka sales team also offers expert advice to pilgrims who wish to embark on customised religious expeditions and can be counted on to provide you with the best deal according to your requirements. 

Kolkata or Calcutta as it was formerly known is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and is located against the backdrop of the Hooghly River, which is better known as the ‘Ganga’.  As the commercial, cultural and educational hub of East India, this exotic, colonial city, bustling with traffic, shopping areas, restaurants, delectable street food, eye-catching architecture and historical monuments, is the third-most populous metropolis in the country. 

Kolkata also makes its mark as a much-visited spiritual haven for pilgrims who wish to take time off from their busy schedules for introspection, contemplation and meditation in addition to deriving the benefits of having visited places of divinity. 

The Indian Museum on Park Street houses five relics of the Lord Buddha and the largest collection of Buddha statues, along with rare collections of archaeological importance. Established by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in 1814, this is the oldest museum in India and the ninth oldest across the globe. Although it was originally opened with two galleries, it was later transformed into a multi-purpose institution, displaying multi-disciplinary objects in its six sections, incorporating Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Zoology, Geology and Botany.

The Myanmar (Burma) Buddhist Temple on Eden Hospital Road established in 1928 by U San Min was formerly called the Burma Buddhist Dharmasala.  The main shrine is located on the upper floor of this three-storeyed building. The ground floor is utilised as a fundraising area for the maintenance of the temple while the first floor serves as a guesthouse or ‘dharmasala’ for visiting Burmese monks.

The Japanese Buddhist Temple or Nipponzan Myohoji temple, situated on the Rabindra Sarobar (lake) in South Kolkata, was founded by the most Ven. Nichiditsu Fuji (1985- 1935). This temple is where the monks worship in the Japanese language, chanting in their vernacular to the beat of drums during dawn and dusk. Visitors are able to enter the temple even while the monks offer their prayers.  

The Hsuan Tsang Chinese Buddhist Temple (Monastery) in Paschim Chowbaga (Tiljala), Calcutta (Kolkata) is located on the outskirts of the city. Founded by Chien Wu in 1968 it also serves as a lama training centre. The Buddhist Pagoda which stands towards the north-western part of the garden right behind the famous Eden Garden stadium is a more than 150-year-old piece of architecture (presently restored) that was brought from Burma. 

The Belur Math Shrine, noted for its beautiful structure and as a symbol of unity for all religions incorporates architectural elements from Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It was at Belur Math that Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), the foremost disciple of Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) lived the last years of his brief life. 

The Kalighat Temple, one of the holiest spots for devotees is dedicated to the Goddess Kali. The thousands of pilgrims who flock daily to the Kalighat temple treat Kali very much like a human mother, bringing her their domestic problems and prayers for prosperity, and returning when their prayers are fulfilled, to express their gratitude.  

The Birla Temple of Kolkata is one of the largest Hindu temples in West Bengal. This temple was built by the famous industrialist Birla Pariwar in 1970 and is widely known for the fact that it is made entirely of white marble. 

Kolkata is also home to many churches and mosques, making it the ideal destination for pilgrims of all faiths. The Mother House of the Missionaries of Charity is located at No. 54A, A.J.C. Bose Road, Kolkata.  It is where Mother Theresa lived, prayed, and worked, and where she was finally laid to rest on 13 September 1997. Her tomb is a place of peace and quiet meditation and is frequented by Christian pilgrims as well as people of all faiths. 

Mihin Lanka extends its warm hospitality to all pilgrims, who can now enjoy the comforting ambience of the airline’s Airbus A319, as they fly directly to the fascinating and culture-rich city of Kolkata. Mihin Lanka remains one of the most reputed airlines in the region. The airline plays a crucial role in supporting regional connectivity, and recently enhanced its offering by introducing its new Business Class service. Additionally, a dedicated cabin crew ensures that passengers have a relaxed and enjoyable journey to their destination. Focused on providing passengers with added value and convenience, Mihin Lanka continuously adapts to its passengers’ needs and comforts, to provide them with the best in airline travel. For more information visit www.mihinlanka.com.