Consular Corps of London tram leave's with expectations cemented

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By Shanuka Tissera

The one week tour of Sri Lanka by the Consular Corps of London has been stamped with success.

The five Executive Committee members of the Consular Corps of London swept through the country on a fact finding visit to the North (Jaffna, Elephant Pass) and other key sights relative to their mission.

The visit was following recommendation of the Sri Lankan High Commission UK, with tactical pit stops planned by the Sri Lankan Tourism Promotion Bureau.

The Consular team was personally guided by Sri Lanka High Commission UK Minister Counsellor Chaminda Kularatne.

Summing the combined interest of the Delegation, Republic of Seychelles Consul General Bernard Silver said: “The North is open as much as the South, movement of people means movement of ideas.” Consular Corps London, with its large Diaspora communities from its colonial past and present Commonwealth, along with commitments to the European Union is sure to boost Sri Lanka’s confidence to meet current economic goals.

To a question on how Sri Lanka can keep opportunity investments piling Consular Corps of London – Consul General of Cyprus President George Geourgiou responded, “Globalisation, building of the economy, emerging markets and opportunities for everyone.” A checklist Sri Lanka is working emphatically hard to fulfil. Tourism is what glued the solution together and was highly praised by each of the Executive Committee members. Treasurer Olga Jerzukova, Secretary Embassy of Latvia commented on the superlative welcoming and how attractive the tourist destinations of Sri Lanka are, especially the elephant orphanage and Kandy.

Sri Lanka Tourism was represented by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Managing Director Rumy Jauffer. He said the delegation representing the Consular Corps of London, will look to ensure that the door for extending bilateral relations between Sri Lanka and other countries stay open.  

Silver was impressed how libraries in Jaffna had been rebuilt, books replaced and the number of houses under construction.  He said, “Violence never works, change can only happen through the ballot box and Sri Lanka has the best product in terms of tourism, it is the magnet attracting people from all over the world.”

Consuls represent the citizens and deal with a variety of issues, encourage investment and trade between their countries and the UK, especially tourism along with the need for Legislation of corporate documentation. The Consular Corps of London strongly encourages the freedom of movement for people, goods and ideas between nations.