Waste plastic paves way for strong roads and prestigious awards

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  • AGC Innovate secures international acclaim

AGC Innovate Ltd., has been selected as a winner of the Country Finals for Sri Lanka of Global Green Business Competition ClimateLaunchpad, organised in South Asia in partnership with India Based Climate Collective Foundation.

Winners of the country finals in South Asia will further compete in the Asia Pacific Regional Finals of ClimateLaunchpad, to be held on 22 September 2022.

AGC Innovate has won this prestigious award for their innovative product Plastic Modified Concrete Asphalt (PMAC) the sustainable solution to the ever-increasing waste plastic environmental menace by utilising green technology to convert waste plastics into an industrial raw material which becomes a stronger and more effective alternative to conventional asphalt, for highway, road and car park paving.

The program operates in a sustainable stakeholder model where industries, supermarket chains, households, etc. who are waste plastic generators are brought into a tripartite model where AGC Innovate plays the role of technology provider while the end product Plastic Modified Concrete Asphalt (PMAC) is used by the third stakeholder for road, highway and yard paving. 

The technology piloted in 2018 under the supervision of the national regulator, RDA on a stretch of highway in Ratmalana, has been certified as an environmentally suitable initiative following more than two years of rigorous testing and observation has also received CEA Certification and is registered with the National Intellectual Property Agency of Sri Lanka.

The technology has been successfully used during the past three years by leading supermarket chains for their car parks, the Western and Eastern Provincial Road Development authorities, Foreign embassies, mega export-oriented factory yards and leading business houses that emphasise reducing the carbon footprint.