Global community of bulk buyers and sellers Pataz set to take off in Sri Lanka

Friday, 4 June 2021 00:00 -     - {{hitsCtrl.values.hits}} Co-Founder Chamli Tennakoon Co-Founder Andy De Silva, a global community of suppliers, buyers, manufacturers and wholesalers, is set to launch its operations in Sri Lanka, bringing the country’s industries significantly closer to the international value chain. 

The online platform connects bulk buyers and sellers to fulfil global demand and will open up a vibrant international marketplace for Sri Lankan businesses of various scales.

“Our worldwide marketplace of exporters, importers, manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, wholesalers, and more give Sri Lankan businesses direct access to who they need to thrive in business. And, if you are a supplier, qualified leads looking for you will reach out to you, too! Think of it as a free advertisement to get seen in front of your ideal customers,” Co-Founder Chamli Tennakoon said. 

Tennakoon is a Sri Lankan living in the US, who has wide-ranging experience in the fields of digital strategy and digital marketing, with a background in consumer neuroscience. His leadership in the B2B world has earned him prestigious positions with industry giants across the globe. 

Teaming with Tennakoon is Andy De Silva, whose expertise as an inventor, product developer, and distributor proves ideal for the global market through Pataz. Since co-founding the American distribution company Hotel Emporium Inc., which services over 14,000 hotels worldwide, De Silva has expanded the business’s reach to over 50 countries.

“Pataz saves many customers from the trouble of Googling for days for hard-to-find companies that may not even have an online presence, scouring through outdated directories, visiting the local library, or begging contacts for referrals, or depending only on certain countries for orders that can take months to arrive. 

“For many, it takes over a decade to develop business relationships with the right people but Pataz puts potential bulk buyers and sellers in touch with people that do exactly what they’re looking for from all over the world including North America, South America, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. That’s why it is truly a global marketplace,” he added.  

Wholesalers, Tennakoon and De silva add, aren’t always easy to find. “Pataz’s meteoric rise can be attributed to our focus on growing our massive supplier base from geographic areas that current marketplaces do not. We give everyone a chance to thrive and fill the economy’s enormous capacity to produce, buy, and sell goods the world wants.”

Once a business creates a free listing on Pataz, it starts gaining visibility in the global marketplace. That means, any time someone is searching for a particular product or service, the relevant listings will show up. If a business wants to stand out from the crowd and competitors, it can buy a sponsored placement, which can get greater visibility and faster access to potential clients. 

“For Sri Lanka to achieve faster growth and a more dynamic economy, it is important that our industries are given adequate opportunities to integrate into the global value chain. This can only be achieved through technology and innovation,” they explained. “Our objective is to make this transformation possible for Sri Lanka by facilitating a vibrant global marketplace where local business will flourish.”