Paranthan Chemicals gears for disinfecting the environment

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As the nation is fighting against COVID-19 pandemic, State-owned chemicals giant Paranthan Chemicals functioning under the purview of Ministry of Industries has taken prudent and timely endeavour by expanding its production capacity of Sodium Hypochlorite which is highly a sought after chemical for disinfecting purposes.

The World Health Organization highlights the application of Chlorine based products such as Sodium Hypochlorite which displays a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is effective against several common pathogens at various concentration, in its recent Interim Guidance on ‘Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in the Context of COVID-19’. 

In the global context, Sodium Hyphocholoride is sprayed over several residential, official and commercial buildings, open areas, markets, public road transports, railways which has also raised the local demand as disinfectant.

In order to fulfil such local demand from many public authorities, security forces, private institutions and household, Paranthan Chemicals has expedited production operation and supplies and thereby working hand in hand with them in this crisis situation to ensure safe and secure Sri Lanka.

Sodium Hypochlorite is manufactured from Chlorine which is not only the most widely used water disinfectant but also highly effective against waterborne pathogens. In particular, this helps to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as Cholera, Dysentery and Typhoid. Interestingly, Paranthan Chemicals fulfils the entire chlorine requirement of the nation which is essential for national water purification and for other manufacturing industries.   Paranthan Chemicals Chairman Eng. Upul Ranaweera states: “As a responsible State Agency, Paranthan Chemicals is much committed with our chemicals supplies essential for disinfection of our nation, which is a timely commitment. We also expect to introduce ‘Paranthan Real Bleach’, a multipurpose chlorine bleach will be manufactured with Sodium Hypochlorite and distribute to households through selected supermarket channels in Sri Lanka in near future.”

These chemicals are manufactured under the supervision of our engineers with the technical knowledge and knowhow would meet quality and technical standards. Organisations in search of Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfecting may contact Paranthan Chemicals.