Nature’s Beauty Creations’ Misumi and Champion soaps conquer export markets

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Owing to the superior quality of Misumi and Champion soaps, their manufacturer, Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd., has successfully secured export orders within three years since the launch of their soaps. 

This week, a large shipment of Misumi and Champion soaps set sail to Vietnam, a strongly competitive market of over 95 million people. The company is strongly determined to increase its soap exports to enter and capture the large $ 24 billion global toilet soap market.

For over 20 years, Sri Lankans were sold bathing bars instead of real soap. A bathing bar requires only a minimum TFM of 40%, whereas to qualify as a real toilet soap, a minimum TFM of 76.5% is required; the higher the TFM, the greater the quality of soap with safer cleansing properties and higher skin mildness.

In 2017, award-winning cosmetics manufacturer Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd. launched the country’s first real toilet soap in over two decades. The beauty soap launched under the ‘Misumi’ brand had a TFM of 78%, the highest TFM in the toilet soap market, providing consumers a premium quality that was not available till then.

Spurred by the high demand and acceptance of its Misumi beauty soap, the company decided to launch ‘Champion’ in 2019, filling a market gap for a superior quality, germ-fighting real soap with 76.5% TFM.

“Our company strongly believes in providing consumers with products of the highest quality without resorting to cheap, harsh ingredients. Unwavering commitment to quality has seen our Nature’s Secrets and Panda Baby products exported to many countries worldwide, bringing in valuable foreign exchange to the country. The addition of our soaps to our export portfolio will further help contribute to this,” remarked Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd. Chairman Samantha Kumarasinghe.

“Initiatives taken under the new economic policies of His Excellency the President have ensured the removal of unfair advantages enjoyed by multinational companies for decades, finally allowing local soap manufacturers to compete with multinationals on an equal playing field. This strength has enabled our company to successfully enter export markets, and it will also encourage and enable other Sri Lankan soap manufacturers to do the same,” Kumarasinghe further commented.

“The measures initiated by the President to support the local industrialists amidst the severe economic crisis created due to COVID-19 have also been greatly encouraging,” he further stated.

Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd. is one of the country’s most certified and awarded cosmetics manufacturers, and the only cosmetics manufacturer to be awarded Sri Lanka’s highest environmental award, the National Green Award-Gold, and the Sri Lanka Corporate Health and Productivity Award – Gold, the highest award for employee health and wellbeing. The company’s vision is to be the ‘Most environment-friendly cosmetics manufacturer in the World’, and they have implemented many initiatives to work towards this inspiring goal to bring further pride to Sri Lanka.