NCINGA launches TAC.Ai

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  • Redefining IT operations and maintenance from reactive to proactive with AI-powered technology

NCINGA CEO Harindha Fernando 
NCINGA AI/ML Solution Architect Tharindu Sankalpa

NCINGA has unveiled its revolutionary AI-powered TAC.Ai solution recently, providing businesses and IT systems managers with multiple transformative benefits. 

This latest innovation by the global systems integrator emphasises smarter, more efficient IT support and operations. TAC.Ai eliminates the pitfalls of reactive troubleshooting, simplifies the complexities of IT platforms and reduces issue resolution times significantly – thereby leading to more effective decision-making. With downtimes contributing to lost revenue and their severity dependent on downtime duration, TAC.Ai functions as a strategic business asset that redefines the future of IT systems management.

TAC.Ai tackles IT operations and maintenance challenges by minimising revenue losses and improving operational efficiency through proactive prediction and prevention of unplanned IT platform downtime. Leveraging big data analytics and the predictive capabilities of AI, this approach swiftly identifies potential issues and promptly alerts the IT operation and maintenance teams. TAC.Ai provides generative AI-powered, detailed, step-by-step technical guidance to effectively troubleshoot, isolate and address IT system issues before they become critical, preserving both time and resources. Organisations are better equipped to reduce costs associated with routine IT system troubleshooting. TAC.Ai also empowers in-house teams to tackle a spectrum of IT challenges, irrespective of their previous training levels. 

TAC.Ai provides real-time multi-vendor IT system monitoring to ensure uninterrupted operations across various technology platforms. This approach improves service reliability and consistency. Additionally, TAC.Ai’s cloud-agnostic data engineering stack enables instant analysis of vast data streams, facilitating faster decision-making. Our solution leverages predictive AI and anomaly detection using machine learning (ML) algorithms, equipping businesses to proactively identify potential disruptions and lower unplanned downtime costs. The generative AI-powered alerts that TAC.Ai triggers give teams detailed troubleshooting guidance for rapid incident response and better customer experiences. The interactive, dialogue-based support system via a Q&A format reduces operational delays and enhances team productivity. Furthermore, integration with existing documentation (including design documents, configuration guides and past ticket histories) gives comprehensive system knowledge. All of these capabilities result in businesses having the relevant information to make the right strategic decisions, streamline issues and significantly reduce the occurrence of problems.

NCINGA CEO Harindha Fernando said: “Organisations depend on reactive IT support, addressing issues only after they occur. This results in extended downtimes, higher costs and poor customer perceptions. Relying on a few IT experts creates bottlenecks too, risking the entire IT platform if they’re unavailable. It is imperative to democratise IT knowledge and empower a wider range of professionals with the necessary skills. We designed TAC.Ai to address these very issues, with the potential to revolutionise the way enterprises operate.”

NCINGA AI/ML Solution Architect behind TAC.Ai Tharindu Sankalpa said: “The rise of generative AI and large language models is truly democratising domains that once required professionals with specific knowledge. At NCINGA, we’re at the forefront of this shift to leverage advanced AI capabilities, transforming IT operations and maintenance so that more professionals are empowered to handle their issues effectively and independently.”

TAC.Ai is the latest addition to NCINGA’s future-oriented technology solutions line-up. The main technology solutions offered by NCINGA cover cybersecurity, multi-cloud, networking infrastructure, enterprise application services, blockchain, metaverse and sustainability solutions. NCINGA is a Cisco Gold Integrator.