MTI holds Regional Analysts Huddle in Sri Lanka

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 MTI’s Regional Analysts with CEO Hilmy Cader


  • Focus on Small Data and Lean Insights


MTI’s South Asian Consulting Analysts from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka converged at the Jetwing Beach in Negombo for their Regional Analysts Huddle this week.

“Analytics is playing an increasingly critical role in developing our consulting solutions – as clearly articulated in our tag-line ‘Analyse > Strategise > Realise’. Thanks to technology and connectivity, today it is more efficient to access almost any kind of information. But, ‘too much information’ can be as challenging as ‘too little information’. The challenge though is not in the quantity of information. Firstly, it is finding the best-fit information for strategising. More importantly, supplementing the information (which is today a generic raw material that is freely accessible) with insights and intelligence. The ultimate challenge though, is in blending the 3 ‘I’s to make the optimal consulting recommendation,” said MTI CEO Hilmy Cader, who was the Huddle.

Elaborating further, he opined that ‹Think Big› is a cliché in business. It works well for goal-setting. When it comes to strategising, it can lead to solutions that are ‹blanket›, shallow and /or ‹over-kill›.  Instead, by miniaturising the variables, there can sharper focus on what needs to be done: E.g. how will advertising ‹Ceylon Tea› on the attire of our cricketers influence a British consumer at a London supermarket to switch brands?  To make that switch, how can we convince the supermarket to stock brands with Ceylon Tea and for this to happen how can we convince the top global brands to switch to Ceylon Tea? 

 Hence, the need to ‘Think Small’ and the importance of ‘Small Data’

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