Learning Chinese language in Sri Lanka

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“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher”


Acquiring the knowledge of a language is pragmatically an arduous task, due to the requirement of consistent instruction and enlightenment from accomplished individuals. The responsibility endowed upon a teacher is that of immense significance and value,

Anjula Keshani
Irushi Nagahawatta
Jingfang Liu

resulting in the moulding of another individual’s ideals and mindset through lessons as a tutor. 

Thus, the magnitude of distinction and merit upon a ‘tutor of language’ is subsequently exaggerated on account of the laborious endeavour thrusted upon the instructor. The intricacies affiliated with learning a language elaborates the significance of grasping this knowledge from an individual whose proficiency is established and fully fledged.

The ‘Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka’, the country’s premier institute focusing on exclusively teaching the Chinese language justifiably possesses tutors of pre-eminent excellence. The institute prides itself upon housing the ‘finest mandarin language teachers’ in the country. The institute aspires to coach beginners with extensive scrutiny and grafts to provide a comprehensive study plan with undiluted attention towards achieving native fluency of Mandarin.

The academic staff of the institute share the concordant ethos of empowering Sri Lanka. The staff utilises a vastly warm and friendly atmosphere during lessons, and are well-experienced in corporate and academic disciplines. The panel of lecturers collectively shares more than 10,000 hours of lecturing experience which broadly assists in conveniently grasping the language. The members of the panel are all trilingual, hence well-versed in Chinese, English and Sinhalese.

The panel consists of individuals who spearhead contrasting facets of the institution. Anjula Keshani administers as the ‘Head of Teen Courses’. She is a friendly lecturer who is quite popular among young students. She is also a PhD student, specialising in Chinese literature at Central China Normal University. She graduated in her Masters at the Chongqing Normal University.

Irushi Nagahawatte administers as the ‘Head of Professional Courses’. She is an alumnus of Kelaniya University graduating with Bachelor’s in Arts languages and was awarded a scholarship by Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing China where she studied the Chinese language at Chongqing Normal University.

Jingfang Liu is the ‘Head of Cultural Activities’. Liu is a Mandarin Chinese native speaker who permanently lives in Sri Lanka. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Management at the Beijing International Studies University China and a Master’s degree in Nanyang Technological University Singapore. She has her own creative methods of teaching Chinese and the culture behind, which always motivate her students

Predominantly, with regard to the Chinese Language, the nuances and minutiae within the Chinese alphabet signify vastly contrasting sentiments according to its assorted utilisation. The mispronunciation of a Chinese character can distinctly alter the meaning of a sentence. Similarly, subtle modulations within the language create significant variations consistently. Hence, grasping a language as elaborate as ‘Mandarin’ is determined by the eloquence and articulate nature of the tutor. The Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka resolves this conundrum impeccably through the institute’s sublime panel of teachers.

Nevertheless, in societies across the world, the value of a ‘teacher’ is unfathomable. Yet the value of a ‘great teacher’ can never be described in words.

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace” – Confucius