LEARN collaborates with InSync to support continuous effort of serving R & E community

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The Lanka Education And Research Network, also known as LEARN, is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Sri Lanka, which interconnects educational and research institutions across the country and provides network-related services to them. LEARN currently interconnects all UGC-funded state universities, many public universities under other ministries, the University Grants Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education, and a number of national research institutions, including the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

Founded in 1989, The Lanka Education and Research Network has a proud history of over three decades. Within its lifespan, LEARN has contributed immensely to the progression of Sri Lanka’s technological landscape and was instrumental in pioneering historic milestones for country’s technology advancement. To name a few, LEARN was the first to establish an IP-based email system in Sri Lanka providing internet email services to research and academic community, deployed Sri Lanka’s first IP based wide area network (WAN) during mid nineteen nineties and pioneered the launch of internet connectivity in Sri Lanka. 

LEARN has a large customer base which ultimately serves a considerably large  academic community in Sri Lanka. To a similar degree, many customer requests come to be served, including network operations that comprise plenty of similar requests that finally involve a lot of manual operations. The network automation product from Insync Information Technologies supports network and device management capabilities such as automated service provisioning, bulk-configuration provisioning, network state comparisons, inventory management, configuration backups, upgrades and other related tasks. All the above features can be accessed and managed through a single portal, handy to network engineers. Further, this platform’s multivendor capability will be a key feature that enables the integration of the product into the LEARN network.

“We hope this platform will serve our daily network operational tasks to increase our capacity through improved efficiency and will enhance the quality of our service by eliminating human error and increased service velocity. We are thankful to Insync Information Technologies for being a partner of LEARN’s continuous effort of supporting the ever-changing needs of network and related services of Educational and Research Community in Sri Lanka,” says LEARN Network/Systems Manager Senevi Herath.

InSync Information Technologies Ltd. is a Sri Lankan based products and services company focused on networks and network automation solutions. Incorporated in late 2017; InSync already serves large enterprises and service providers in the Sri Lankan market with its own products and services whilst having partnerships with global vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, Red Hat, Elasticsearch BV & Paraqum. 

Being a Sri Lankan based start-up, InSync pioneers network automation with its own product and have already gained traction within the local market. InSync passionately believes in Sri Lankan engineering’s capabilities to develop world-class high-tech products even within domains that were previously restricted to global manufacturers.  

Network automation is an emerging technology that is widely sought after by organizations to bring operational efficiency, increased productivity, accuracy, agility and superior customer experience. This is where InSync’s expertise plays a role in transforming manual mundane network operations to a fully automated network operation with minimal human intervention. InSync caters for this very need through their own platform – ‘InSync Automation Engine’.

InSync and LEARN has established a memorandum of understanding for collaboration, and as a part of their MoU, InSync will deploy its network automation platform at LEARN. “As LEARN has a considerable network connecting a large number of universities with multiple services, we believe our platform could be served to automate provisioning, network state comparisons, network documentation and to automate routine operations. Overall, we believe we could extend the powerful capabilities of network automation to LEARN through this collaboration,” says InSync Co-founder and EVP Sahan Hannadige. 

“As network automation emerges as a novel technology, we believe our collaboration with LEARN would bring synergy to explore and promote benefits of network automation. Moreover, we sincerely thank LEARN management for the confidence placed on us for their network automation journey,” added Sahan.