KPMG’s commitment to quality

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Striving to deliver the highest level of quality is at the heart of KPMG. Consistently providing exceptional quality in every aspect of engagements undertaken at KPMG with more than 1,200 people locally is fundamental to the continued success and strength of the Brand.

Now, at a time where businesses in every sector grapple with rapid change, heightened scrutiny and unprecedented digital transformation, quality of thinking and delivery are more important than ever. KPMG is committed to maintain the highest standards and to respond proactively and intelligently to help clients overcome challenges and maximise opportunities.

Audit – Setting the standard for quality

Quality essentially means doing the right thing and it remains as the highest priority. KPMG is determined to set the standard for audit quality across industries. True audit quality demands that every audit undertaken is consistently executed in line with the requirements and intent of all applicable professional standards and within a strong system of exacting the KPMG quality controls.

Continuous quality improvement is fundamental to enhancing trust and confidence among investors, regulators, clients both local and global, our people, capital markets and the communities and KPMG understands the responsibility to cater to these needs.

KPMG in Sri Lanka has continued to invest on sound audit quality foundations. This means significant ongoing investment in quality management, global monitoring of audit quality and enhanced support, technology and tools for engagement teams.

Quality and accountability – Top priority for KPMG 

As the profession evolves in an environment driven by complex business structures, greater reliance on data, and continued compliance with new international business standards, with the Global leadership has been empowering the audit teams across the firms in the network, with advanced, innovative tools, support and guidance. As noted in greater detail, integrating a new workflow and methodology along with powerful technology to enhance the audit process through a smart audit platform, KPMG Clara.

KPMG in Sri Lanka is backed with KPMG Global network’s unprecedented, multi-year investments to continually advance audit quality with a mission to drive tangible and sustainable advances in quality and consistency throughout KPMG while enhancing accountability among audit leaders and their teams.

Success starts with having the right tone at the top — leadership that inspires exceptional performance. The presence of KPMG Global Chairman; Bill Thomas in Sri Lanka for the KPMG MESA Partners’ Conference held in November 2019 made a statement of inspirational leadership that drives the performance in the firm in the whole region. 

Under the leadership of Reyaz Mihular who was elected as the Chairman of the MESA Region of KPMG in 2018, the prestigious KPMG MESA Partners’ Conference (Middle Eastern and South Asian Regional Conference) was hosted in Sri Lanka in November 2019. KPMG Global Chairman Bill Thomas attended this meeting and emphasised on how to sustain high-quality audits in an ever-changing world which demands continuous improvement within a culture of ethics, integrity, purpose and values.

 The promise of next-generation solutions

KPMG Clara and Microsoft 365 are part of the most far-reaching technology programs that have been invested in. Deploying Microsoft 365 across the global network of firms has been key to enabling seamless global collaboration and consistent client service delivery. With a common digital platform and intelligent use of cloud technologies, KPMG is uniquely positioned to provide digital solutions to clients across the sectors and countries.

Recruiting top talent for success in a new era

It’s the people that are the true differentiator at KPMG. In the process of transforming tools and capabilities to meet enhanced stakeholder expectations, KPMG is also committed to maintaining and developing the critical new skills needed for success in the digital era. 

KPMG Global is investing in the ongoing development of a comprehensive learning plan designed to equip the team of professionals with the knowledge and confidence needed to fully leverage the opportunities KPMG Clara delivers. The teams are provided with on-demand access to training and guidance when and where they need it. Change is a constant and KPMG is committed to offering teams the resources needed to meet evolving requirements around audit quality.

In the hyper-competitive global marketplace today, KPMG in Sri Lanka is focusing on combining top talent with next-generation technology to foster client success.