2017 China Guangxi Products Exhibition in Sri Lanka 14-16 July

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For facilitating the ‘Belt and Road’ cooperation, advancing economic and trade cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road, intensively displaying competitive industries and featured commodities in Guangxi, as well as promoting economic and trade cooperation between Guangxi and Sri Lanka, the Department of Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will hold the ‘2017 China Guangxi Products Exhibition (Sri Lanka)’ at SLECC from 14 to 16 July. 

This expo will be strongly supported by the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka China Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers Of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka China Business Council, etc. 

‘2017 China Guangxi Products Exhibition (Sri Lanka)’ lasts for three days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day. The opening ceremony will be held at 10 a.m. on 14 July; leaders from such related departments as Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka, heads of important chambers of commerce in Sri Lanka, as well as social guests from all walks of life will attend the opening ceremony and visit the exhibition. They sincerely welcome guests from industrial and commercial circles, political circles, and media friends to take part in the opening ceremony at the appointed time, so as to renew friendship, seek common development and assist this grand occasion altogether. 

It is the first time for the Guangxi Government to hold a products exhibition in Sri Lanka. There are 30 booths in this expo and 27 enterprises from Guangxi will participate in the exhibition, including Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co. Ltd., Guilin Guiye Machinery Co. Ltd., Wuzhou Shenguan Collagen Casing Co. Ltd., Guangxi Beiliu Laotian Ceramics Industry Co. Ltd., Guilin Lanhai Trade Co. Ltd., Wuzhou Rixin Plastic Industrial Company Ltd., etc. 

The exhibition includes such five categories as electronic products, construction materials and machinery, food and tea-leaves, home textiles and clothing, daily house crafts, covering hundreds of best-selling famous specialties and new high-quality products, which intensively reflect the highest production capacity level of Guangxi. 

In recent years, China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership has proceeded to the best developmental epochs, and the bilateral trade has maintained the momentum of rapid growth. According to the statistics of China Customs, in 2016, the total bilateral trade value between China and Sri Lanka is $ 4.56 billion, of which China’s export to Sri Lanka is $ 4.287 billion, and China’s import from Sri Lanka is $ 273 million, indicating that China has become Sri Lanka’s largest trade partner and source of imports for the first time. 

Benefitting from the overall development of China-Sri Lanka relationship, Guangxi also conducts active cooperation and friendly communication with Sri Lanka in various fields. In 2016, the total volume of trade between Guangxi and Sri Lanka has reached $ 78.88 million, increased by 69.3% year on year, reflecting a huge growth potential. 

Guangxi, an important province in southern China, is located in the joint part of such three economic circles as ASEAN, southern China and southwest China. 

It is the only province in China borders on both land and sea with ASEAN countries, serving as the forefront of China-ASEAN open cooperation. Guangxi plays an important role in ‘the Belt and Road Initiatives’ proposed by President Xi Jinping. In April, 2017, during his inspection in Guangxi, president Xi pointed out that Guangxi owns conditions to exert more effect in the establishment of the Belt and Road. 

Guangxi is rich in natural resources, such as its abundant minerals, agriculture and forestry, ocean and tourism resources. It acts as one of the most important industrial base and possesses the only marine port in southwest China. In 2016, Guangxi’s GDP is $ 274.68 billion, its export and import trade is $ 47.9 billion. Guangxi is sparing no efforts to build itself a significant gateway for linking up with the Belt and Road, moreover, as the ‘East and West crossroads’, Sri Lanka is also of great importance in the cooperation of 21 Century Maritime Silk Road. Therefore, in the face of new historical opportunity, the cooperation between Guangxi and Sri Lanka has great potential and bright future.

This exhibition aims at setting up a new platform for further expanding and deepening bilateral economic and trade cooperation and communication between China and Sri Lanka, so as to develop new cooperation path and business opportunity, create new wealth and achieve mutual benefit and common development.