Mahagedara Retreat and Spa opens in Sigiriya

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Mahagedara Retreat and Spa, a harmoniously designed wellness oriented retreat was opened recently near Gedigaswalana in Sigiriya. Comprising of rustic village style huts strategically located within an expanse of an eight acre land, the huts have been each designed to showcase an individual identity interwoven within a traditional village culture. The Founder and CEO of the Mahagedara Retreat is Lakmali Abeynayake. Her concept dwells on the aspect of concentrating on the wellness factor and this puts the retreat in close proximity to a natural environ.

The retreat comprises of 11 huts scattered strategically within the land expanse and this includes huts located within the jungle, a paddy field and one room available within the Mahagedara premise which also doubles up as the reception area and a reading room for the guests. Another highlight of the Mahagedara Retreat is the availability of the Yoga Sala where dedicated yoga and meditation teachers from Sri Lanka and around the world would be able to visit the retreat and conduct sessions for the guests and conduct their own private retreats as well. 

Apart from the yoga classes that fall into the framework of therapeutic packages, the retreat also specialises in offering guests with three-day, five-day and seven-day long holistic detox treatments that would be conducted through expert guidance. Not only will the retreat offer guests with a holiday haven and the feel of a home away from home but will also pose as the ideal setting for those individuals and groups who crave a quiet and peaceful environment that would allow them to unwind and reflect on their thoughts and lifestyles for a change. 

The retreat is set to attract guests such as yoga and meditation enthusiasts, scholars and research students who would prefer to find a composed and silent location to engage in their research and study work and birdwatchers and photographers looking to explore the area for their recreational purposes. The retreat’s Samadhi Spa is built in a rustic style aboveground and has four massage beds allocated inside the spa. Right outside the spa, there are three soaking tubs placed for the purpose of experiencing a holistic relaxation therapy. 

Commenting on her holistic approach with Mahagedara, CEO Lakmali Abeynayake said, “We wanted to create a setting where guests can come and experience a customised program that is designed to their individual need. Mahagedara Retreat is an eco-friendly location that emphasises wellness and sustainability and we focus on ensuring that nature remains unharmed whilst enjoying these surroundings simultaneously.”

Mahagedara Retreat acquires a range of therapies on offer that also includes detox packages as well as programs that will help guests de-clutter their minds through the ‘Acquiring Consciousness’ program. This specific program will include aspects of mindfulness exercises, intake of healthy dining options, relaxing massages, mandated yoga and meditational practices. This is just one amongst a number of interesting packages that can be found at the retreat.

Apart from casual therapeutic experiences such as the Simply Be and the Relax and Pamper, Mahagedara Retreat also introduces an intense package for those who want to receive a full-body detox program in the form of a seven-day fast. This therapeutic method is quite popular in countries such as Thailand and can now be experienced here, at Mahagedara Retreat. The retreat also offers amenities such as A/C, hot water and a swimming pool and also houses its own dedicated garden where guests are assured to have their meals freshly prepared in-house. Most of the produce is grown in the retreat’s garden itself; from vegetables and spices to the rice itself. 

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