JLanka Technologies wins Silver, Bronze at Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

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Sri Lanka’s next generation solar power solutions provider, JLanka Technologies, was recently presented with the Silver Award in the Provincial Large Category and Bronze Award in the National Large Category at the Sri Lanka Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for 2015. 

The spirit of Sri Lankan entrepreneurship has been a beacon of hope for the nation and the growth of local enterprises and conglomerates and Sri Lankan entrepreneurship have taken the lead in fostering growth and economic development, creating and sustaining businesses in challenging environments and have gone to yield outstanding results for the country. 

Organised by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) every year, the awards salute these outstanding and enterprising people by recognising and rewarding them. 

This time this prestigious awards program was held for the 20th consecutive year. The award ceremony is recognised as Sri Lanka’s Premier Entrepreneurship Awards and has been recognising business success and gives an opportunity for a broad range of businesses from across the country to celebrate and showcase their excellence.

According to JLanka officials, J Lanka Technologies had been influential in setting a trend in the domestic Solar Technology market showcasing how to ‘Redefine Renewable Energy’ in Sri Lanka since its inception. 

In a future that is heading towards integration, energy efficiency, environmental awareness and protection, and technological advancements to make life better for all, J Lanka Technologies is diversifying in an attempt to have a one-stop-shop for solutions that provide next generation energy technologies to the nation and to exploring the possibilities of exporting their technology to the region. 

Innovation has been a vital component of the founding vision for JLanka Technologies, the premier solar energy company which debuted operations back in 2010. 

Since its foundation, the company has not only dominated the renewable energy market but has also expanded to related markets characterised by cutting-edge innovation.  

With the recent rise in popularity of IoT and connected home concepts, JLanka Technologies has applied its signature brand of early adoption to roll out developments in both spaces. 

Building on its beginnings, the company has continued to revolutionise the solar energy market with the introduction of SolarEdge solutions, the world-renowned smart solar system architecture.  

While the local market is yet to see beyond the traditional string inverter model, JLanka Technologies has envisioned the need for advancements in quality, safety and affordability of solar system installations. 

The traditional system is exposed to many hazards.  In this context, the company has succeeded in securing an exclusive distribution partnership with SolarEdge, a proprietary energy optimiser model which enhances the performance, durability and safety features of PV panels used in solar system arrays. 

Further to its remarkable capacity to enhance ROI for consumers, SolarEdge also provides a Web app based smart monitoring system for users and the vendor to monitor the status of installed panels.

Moving beyond solar installations, JLanka Technologies recently introduced e-PRO, an energy management system for households and businesses to manage and monitor energy consumption. 

For JLanka Technologies, the green message is clear and sustainability is not just good business but a mandate for the technologies of the future. 

In this light, it is not a surprise to align all products and services with sustainable development goals that are rapidly becoming essential to industries across the world. 

The e-PRO guarantees substantial savings in terms of energy consumption by managing energy utilisation. 

This connects well with the net metering systems offered by JLanka Technologies, which allow households to contribute the surplus of energy reaped via solar systems to the national grid in return for savings on utility bills.  Nanotechnology is revolutionising many industries and JLanka Technologies too has found applications of the technology in its product line-up. 

JLanka is currently the owners of the highest number of solar installations around the country as the leading next generation solar service provider and since its inception to date JLanka’s total installed solar electricity capacity has now exceeded 3.75 MW and in days to come it will reach the 4 MW benchmark. 

JLanka’s vision towards a greener country has reduced over 3,521 tonnes of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions which is equivalent to saving 6,550 trees on planet or over 1.352 million litres of Hydrocarbon Fuels burned or 2,380 tonnes worth of coal used for power generation. 

JLanka Technologies, the number one solar energy supplier to the national grid in Sri Lanka with 15,000 kWh per day power generation and these systems are empowered with over 17,000 Trina Solar modules and 17,000 SolarEdge power optimisers and about 1,500 SolarEdge inverters saving 11,000 kg of greenhouse gas emission per day.