Building a bond with beauty that is more than skin deep

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As we go about our daily routine, knowingly or unknowingly we put our bodies through the mill every day. Pollution, junk food, stress, late nights, nutritionally poor meals, sedentary lifestyles are the biggest threats to good health. Over time, lack of nourishment and care triggers a chain reaction within our system, and outward signs such as brittle nails, falling hair, and dull skin are the first alerts that all is not well inside. In addition, in today’s busy world, time is precious, and application of skin and hair care treatments are time consuming, and not permanent solutions. Hair fall, dull or problem complexions and brittle nails are among the first indications that our bodies’ nutrition reserves are low and need replenishing. To radiate health and wellbeing, the body needs internal nourishment. While creams, lotions and oils offer instant hydration and protection to the outer layer of the skin, the results are temporary as they only work on the surface level and cannot penetrate the skin to provide the deep and lasting nourishment it needs. For long lasting effective results, what is needed is a supplement that provides essential nourishment from the inside out, offering concentrated nutrients to support the body’s daily regeneration. Enjoying the trust and confidence of users for many years, Biona, is now being used more and more around the world as a proven, safe and effective food supplement, offering a lasting and effective solution. The food supplement’s regeneration formula works from within, where new cells are formed daily, providing essential nutritional supplements. Its effective formula offers targeted nourishment that works at a deeper level inside, to achieve longer lasting results on the outside, working systematically to support the body’s needs. A unique blend of nature’s most wholesome vitamins, antioxidants and proprietary amino acids, is designed to promote glowing skin, strong and healthy hair and beautiful nails, working its magic from the inside out. Biona is an ideal supplement for today’s busy woman, looking for the best way to maintain and enhance her natural beauty because ‘beauty is more than skin deep’. Biona is marketed by Natures Only Inc., a global company with several decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing world class nutritional products globally. With its unrivalled expertise in a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines as well as manufacturing and research and development it has been trusted worldwide by health conscious people.