CIC takes a hard line on sustainability

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  • Reinforces commitment to assisting companies to reduce their water footprint, 25 year long partnership with world’s largest sustainability organisation Ecolab firm, NALCO

CIC Holdings PLC (CIC), a leading blue chip company in Sri Lanka, has re-pledged its commitment to assisting companies to reduce their water footprint. Managing Director and CEO Samantha Ranatunga said: “Today, sustainability is more important than ever, where in a global context, water consumption is growing twice as fast as the global population and approximately one billion people live with water scarcity.”

Ranatunga also mentioned that there is much to be gained for companies aside from ROI, economic and environmental impacts. The 25 year long partnership between CIC and NALCO, an Ecolab company will most importantly contribute to ensuring that Sri Lanka’s development agenda is sustainable.

“We are very happy to be present in Sri Lanka and hope to play a vital role in building a self-sustainable country,” said Steve Benham, Country Director, NALCO. “We work hard to provide customers with effective technology and services to conserve water use and create more sustainable operations. Our presence in Sri Lanka via CIC Holdings has been over 25 years and is a testament to our commitment and the effectiveness of our solutions for all Sri Lankans.”

The sustainability solutions geared at industrial water, energy and air applications are developed by experts in the field which ultimately enable companies to reduce their water footprint by consuming less water and/or treating discharged water in order to conserve and preserve valuable resources.

Of the many services NALCO provides, some of the most essential are:

  • design, build, engineering and commissioning of industrial water plants with the support of NALCO’s regional office in Asia Pacific
  • Waste water treatment after a pilot scale evaluation
  • Cooling water treatment carried out through 3D TRASAR technology
  • Boiler water treatment
  • Raw water treatment offered with feasibility study and water audits
  • Membrane solutions and reverse osmosis solutions with 3D TRASAR technology (3DTfM)
  • Fuel additives and other industry related water treatment chemicals and services

Ranesh Sugathapala, Senior Area Manager (Sri Lanka and Maldives), NALCO, added: “In the last 25 years, we have served all major industries in all parts of the country, with NALCO technology and value added services. Our customers appreciate having NALCO high-quality operational system such as 3D TRASAR Technology, which help to optimise treatment programs for maximum operational performance, sustainability credits and benchmarking.”

One of NALCO’s customers, Dammika Nanayakkara, Group Chief Technology Officer, LTL Holdings commended the sustainability service repertoire that this partnership delivers and said: “We are happy about what NALCO has brought into our power plants, with its advanced technology such as 3D-TRASAR and their value added services, which helps us not only to improve treatment and water quality reliability but also to improve our savings on water chemical costs.”

With employee strength of over 7,000 technically trained experts, NALCO serves nearly 50,000 customer locations in more than 150 countries helping to solve and prevent water treatment and process related problems.

“It is this reach and sustainability stronghold that the partnership between NALCO and CIC endeavours to replicate in Sri Lanka and CIC is proud to be a partner to Sri Lanka’s sustainability and development efforts,” Ranatunga added.