Revolutionising tea industry: Journey of innovation by Rohan De Lanerolle

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Rohan De Lanerolle Snr.

 The De Lanerolle Brothers: Rohan and Ishan


In the realm of innovation, where ideas shape the world, Rohan De Lanerolle’s vision has transformed the tea industry. His brainchild, C2S.LK - Convert to Staple Less, has revolutionised tea bag machines, making the conversion to staple-free technology accessible and economical. With this invention, De Lanerolle has not only overcome technical challenges but also paved the way for sustainability and economic growth.

At the heart of this innovation, is the conversion of older tea bag machines into staple-free versions, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new machines that can exceed US $1 million. This ingenuity reflects De Lanerolle’s commitment to making advanced technology affordable and attainable.

The recognition from the Patent Cooperation Treaty was a turning point for De Lanerolle’s invention. As it navigates regional patenting processes across multiple countries, the technology’s global significance comes to the forefront. It’s noteworthy that engineers worldwide have been striving to achieve this innovation since 2000. It was De Lanerolle’s unyielding dedication that finally yielded results in October 2018, a turning point that has reshaped the trajectory of tea bag machine innovation.

Notably, while engineers globally grapple with adapting prominent German-manufactured machines, De Lanerolle’s solution has emerged triumphant. His technology offers a cost-effective and efficient alternative, solving a problem that has confounded the industry for decades.

The technology’s swift adoption by major tea brands both locally and globally underscores its potential to transform the industry. Among the frontrunners embracing this innovation are India’s leading consumer tea brands: Hindustan Unilever and Tata Consumer Products. Hindustan Unilever alone has integrated the technology into 21 machines, while Tata Consumer Products has adopted it for eight machines. This mass uptake, highlights the technology’s viability and value proposition.

Beyond its transformative power, De Lanerolle’s innovation has also become a catalyst for economic growth. The period between 2019 and 2023 witnessed export earnings from this invention exceeding a commendable US $1.5 million, further validating its contribution to Sri Lanka’s economic advancement.

On a local scale, the impact of De Lanerolle’s creation has been profound. The technology found its first adopter in George Stuarts Ltd, followed by Akbar Brothers Ltd, a significant tea exporter, which embraced the innovation by converting two machines. These endorsements within the domestic industry reinforce the technology’s relevance and effectiveness.

As the fifth anniversary of this pioneering invention approaches, De Lanerolle is poised to unveil an enhanced version. The upgraded iteration boasts features like a Programmable Logic Controller, an Auto Reject system and automated production details, enhancing efficiency and product quality. This evolution reflects De Lanerolle’s unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

The legacy of this innovation extends beyond its inventor. De Lanerolle’s children are actively contributing to furthering the technology’s impact. They are spearheading automation efforts and ensuring the availability of spare parts within Sri Lanka, even in the event that the original manufacturer discontinues production. Their commitment underscores a dedication to shaping the future of both the tea industry and the broader community.

De Lanerolle’s children, the De Lanerolle Brothers are no strangers to the Sri Lankan community. Renowned as internationally acclaimed entertainers, Rohan and Ishan De Lanerolle wear multiple hats. While Rohan Jr. oversees operations and quality, Ishan leads marketing and automation, creating a dynamic partnership that transcends innovation and entertainment.

For those seeking further information, the marketing director can be contacted at [email protected] or +94777510455. This contact serves as an invitation to explore the world of C2S.LK, a world where innovation knows no bounds, and the De Lanerolle legacy continues to inspire growth, change and progress in the global tea industry.