AgStar unleashes agricultural revolution on shared values

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Marking a watershed event in Sri Lanka’s agricultural sphere, AgStar PLC has recalibrated its business platform to build its future on the revolutionary concept of shared values, spearheading an agricultural revival.  

Building on shared values requires businesses to respond to an identified societal problem by designing specific solutions to compelling needs of its customers, instead of marketing bottom-line driven products.

Sri Lanka’s age-old agriculture industry is plagued by debilitating low yields and as a result is creating poverty among farmers and AgStar has identified it as a ‘shared concern’ and building on shared values means we are now gearing ourselves up to serve as a farmer’s one-stop Agent of Prosperity, says AgStar PLC Managing Director Pasad Weerasekera.

“AgStar is a public-quoted company and our story of success is fuelled by our passion to build on shared values, a global ideology that calls on enterprises to find emphatic solutions to compelling issues faced by its market in building a win-win for all – farmers, community, nature and the organisation,” he articulated. 

“This calls for the organisation to go beyond conventional marketing objectives and channel all its resources to deliver a more holistic offering. What our farmers need badly is a push to the cutting-edge. That involves know-how and on-field direction to multiply their yields while safeguarding the soil, their richest asset,” he said.

“A bountiful harvest is every farmer’s dream! We provide the tools: seeds, fertiliser, crop-care and agri-tech along with the know-how that would more than double their current yields, New Business Development Director Ashan Ratwatte said. “We have made it our business to rebuild the lives of farmers caught in the clutches of poverty.  What we are doing is reaching out to farmers, home gardeners and planters, guiding them to prudent practices which create a perfect harmony between their farms and nature, inspiring growth on the cutting-edge,” added Ratwatte.

“Building a business on shared values is a long-term process and we have through research and development enhanced our solutions portfolio with seeds, fertiliser, crop care and agri-tech combined to ensure delivery of record-breaking yields while safeguarding the soil for through sustainable development,” he said. 

Meanwhile, AgStar is realigning its employee brand, transforming especially its field force into Agents of Prosperity whose mission is to become an integral part of the lives of their customers, serving as knowledge-transfer experts with the company’s sales staff representing different product divisions now working together in providing total solutions to farmers. The mission built on shared values will culminate with AgStar supporting farmers to find good markets for their produce including the lucrative export market.

Harsh ground realities have driven farmers to despair. They need hope and help. AgStar has responded to the calling, commissioning its Agents of Prosperity – a team well-trained to work alongside farmers as their guide to a higher yield.

The company’s agents of prosperity will be dispersed to farming communities to inspire true transformation, harnessing world-class agricultural products and progressive thinking.

AgStar’s seed bank is growing in popularity with 20 world-class offerings designed to exponentially increase crop yields, combining with fertiliser manufactured on advanced formulas and guided by high-tech crop-care offerings.

AgStar is ranked 3rd in less than two decades in an industry dominated by centuries-old giants and is building a robust reputation as a trailblazer.