Science with a difference

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By Ruzaik Farook

The Science Society of Hejaaz International School has organised a science program scheduled to be held on Saturday 8 September from 9a.m. to 2p.m.

The program will be held at the Boys’ Section, 11, St. Sylvester’s Road, Mt. Lavinia, in the form of simple hands-on activities that demonstrate scientific concepts using commonplace materials.

The activities have been designed in such a way that even non-science audiences will able to understand and savour the favours of science.

“Despite the lucrative opportunities available for those who obtain excellent results in science at the O/L examination, many children in our country opt out of a career in science primarily because the true enjoyment of learning science had been removed by the pressure of completing the syllabus.

Hence the main objective of the program is to make the children experience a taste for science and develop a lifelong interest to pursue science as a career,” said Chief Organiser of this event M.K. Hameed.

“These experiments being simple daily activities but with a scientific significance will evoke the interest of children and adults alike,” he added.

The Science Society of Hejaaz International School invites the public to experience the wonders of science. Entrance is free.