PMS insights to career planning after O/L, A/L

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Project Management Solutions (PMS), a global registered education provider with Project Management Institute (PMI) USA, launches two new training programmes for school leavers and youth.

The two programmes are Foundation in Project Management and Career Planning and Development for School Leavers.

These two programmes are targeted at those who have completed their O/L or A/L. They are launched on 1st and 2nd February 2011 respectively. Each programme has scholarships and details of the scholarship can be obtained from

Foundation in Project Management; is targeted at school leavers and youth who wish to enhance their skills in Project Management. This is a program approved by Project Management Institute USA and those who successfully complete this course will be awarded with a certificate endorsed by PMI, USA.

Project management is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today. Most of the activities that we undertake in our organisations are projects. It is because of this our youth should gain basic skills in project management during early stages of their careers. If you learn how to plan and execute a project successfully that will definitely leverage your career advancement when you start working in the future.

When you enter the world of work as a young employee you will have to undertake projects like organising product launches, promotional campaigns, anniversary celebrations, organising training programmes, seminars, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, sports events, new year festivals etc. When you become a senior employee you will handle more complex and large projects like, new product development, introducing new technology, introducing quality management systems, expansion of the production facilities, building airports, bridges, dams etc. If you are equipped with right PM tools and techniques only you will be able to complete such tasks successfully.

The Career Planning and Development for school leavers and youth is targeted at school leavers and youth who wish to enhance their skills in career planning and development. This programme imparts knowledge and skills required to plan your career, decide what professional career to pursue, enhance your personality and develop yourself continuously. The programme also covers many aspects of personal development techniques. Personal development refers to activities that improve self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.

In addition to your technical qualification on a particular profession you need a range of soft skills to perform your job effectively and produce results. Just because you have high grading at your O/L, A/L, Degree or professional qualification, there is no guarantee that you will achieve higher heights in life. For example look at the profiles of CEOs, Directors, General Mangers and Senior Managers of leading companies in Sri Lanka, how many of them have 8-Ds,4-As or Degree with a first class? Very rare. True that they have some professional qualifications. But what helped them mainly to achieve these positions? It is their soft skills like, communication, interpersonal, leadership, team work, creativity, problem solving and decision making skills that have helped them to achieve these positions. Now you realise the importance of these skills for your career advancement. This programme aims to help you in career planning and learning these skill that will help you to reach higher heights in life.