MSc in Psychology awarded by University of West London at ANC

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The ANC Education is in its eleventh year of operation and is about to introduce an MSc in Psychology in collaboration with the University of West London (UK). The School of Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences at the University of West London runs one of the oldest psychology programs in the United Kingdom and is also accredited by the British Psychological Society for the past twenty five years.   ANC Education has been delivering the BSc and BA Psychology programs with the Missouri S&T University, USA for the last five years and has a proven track record of producing internationally recognised Psychology graduates. ANC Education having identified the vacuum in the Sri Lankan education market for a well-recognised Masters qualification in Psychology is planning to launch the MSc in Psychology in September 2013 in collaboration with the University of West London, UK. Whilst the quality assurance of the program as well as student evaluation will be supervised by the School of Psychology, of University of West London, the program content has also been adapted to make it suitable for the Sri Lankan requirement. “We have tailored the Health Psychology modules taught in the MSc offered at the University of West London to areas in which local students are interested in, such as Counselling Psychology and Development Psychology,” explained Dr. Julia Townshend, Principal Lecturer, Field Leader in Psychology and Human Sciences and Interim Head of School (of Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences at the University of West London), who was recently in Sri Lanka to make arrangements for the introduction of MSc in Psychology at ANC. The modifications for the course structures were brought about after an in depth student survey as well as by assessing the range of vocations and occupations where graduates can apply their skills after completing studies at ANC. In addition to offering students modules in Development Psychology, Health Psychology and Counselling Psychology, a strong emphasis is also given to theoretical modules and on research methods. “Running alongside these modules we also have the dissertation module where students will carry out an original piece of research. Given our experience with students in the UK, the research is practically helpful for students in terms of their careers and developments. Some students find opportunities to present their research at conferences, which give them excellent opportunities to acquire professional skills and also expose them to possibilities of networking with other psychologists,” said School of Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences, Principal Lecturer Pauline Fox, who was also visiting Sri Lanka this week in the panel from the University of West London. The MSc in Psychology at the ANC will be offered as a full time program on a part time schedule to be completed in one year. As Master’s students are mostly working professionals who also have their own family lives to balance, ANC sees this as an opportunity for students to learn the skills of balancing work, life and learning. “We find this model is challenging yet highly rewarding to our students undergoing the other Master’s programs we are offering in Business (MBA/MSc/MA) and Law (LLM). Majority of the students tend to work and finance their studies and manage their lives. So it is part of their learning. Payment plan options and student loan facilities offered by ANC education is indeed useful for students,” elaborated ANC Manager – Enrolment Erandi Dodamwala, on the format of the MSc Psychology program. In addition to the excellent reputation enjoyed in the UK by the School of Psychology, Social Work and Human Sciences of the University of West London, the University has also recently been nominated as the No 01 Modern University for Psychology (Guardian 2013) as well as No 01 Modern University for Employability in London. And while students who complete the MSc Psychology program through ANC will also be awarded an internal degree from the University of West London, they will be left with a range of occupations to pursue as well as to choose further education in a number of countries including the USA, Canada, Australia or UK. Due to the bleak period experienced by Sri Lankans during the last 30 or more years – due to man-made as well as natural disasters – those graduating from psychology courses are seen to be able to positively contribute to the well being of this country in several areas of need. However, options for graduates of the MSc program will not be limited to social work or mental health professions only. According to ANC Psychology Degree Program Academic Head Dr. Mojgan Shadbash, who is overseeing both the Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs at ANC  the range of options, available for graduates is vast, extending to service and manufacturing industries, health care and to educational areas of employment. Following on she stressed on opportunities for graduates to pursue careers as lecturers, researchers or in organisational psychology, where practitioners will be able to work in various industries to improve the effectiveness of employees and the process systems as well as improving the work environment. She said, “As we are hoping to commence offering the MSc Psychology Program to students in September 2013, applicants with Bachelors in Psychology are eligible to apply for the program.” In addition to the graduated students from the undergraduate psychology program offered at ANC, students who have completed an undergraduate psychology degree from other institutions, both locally and from other countries will be able to join the MSc Psychology program commencing from September 2013.