DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank reward productivity in schools

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By Shezna Shums

On Thursday, DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank hosted the second annual awards presentation for 6S implementation in school. The event was ceremoniously held at the Galadhari Hotel in Colombo.

While recognising outstanding achievements by schools, prize money worth over Rs. 2.5 million was distributed among the schools which successfully implemented the 6S programme for 2010.

At the beginning of 2010, schools from around the country were chosen for the implementation of 6S principles. 6S is a combination of Japanese 5S principles and the concept of safety, which is essential in environs where children are present. The programme also introduced concepts of environmental stewardship through the 3R method of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter and freeing young minds of burdensome distraction in their immediate school environment, while creating discipline and order were the primary objectives of the 6S programme.

DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank launched this project in 2009 with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Education. The success achieved in the first year motivated the project team to further improve the programme and introduce it to more schools in 2010.

It’s noteworthy to mention that within these selected schools, there were two schools, a Muslim school and a Hindu school from the reawakening Eastern Province.

As was the case in the previous year 2010 also saw volunteer contributions from DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank employees, who dedicated their ideas, finances and valuable time towards the successful implementation of the project.

A significant feature of the 6S implementation programme was the method used by schools to source required funds. DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank understood early that the longevity of the project depended on a school’s enthusiasm and the ability to raise its own finances.

In this regard DFCC Bank volunteers helped schools design and implement successful fundraising projects that would contribute towards each schools project budget. These efforts were further encouraged by DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank through a matching grant programme. This initiative was solely done to drive the schools to continue with the project even without the assistance of the Bank. Students who became well versed with these good habits took their experience into their homes. They attempted to reduce waste, reuse and recycle products they used and the most importantly they were organised and productive even away from school.

The clear benefits derived by students through the 6S project not only brought satisfaction to proud parents, but it also encouraged them to lend more commitment support implement the programme successfully in their child’s school.

Over the course of five years, DFCC Bank and Vardhana Bank intend to implement this project in hundreds of schools spread across the country, bringing ideas of productivity and environmental stewardship into young minds so they and the nation can achieve positive benefits in the years to come.