ANC promotes top engineering universities in US

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ANC is promoting top engineering universities in the US for Sri Lankan students.

“Engineering is a continuously developing area. One who starts a career with engineering has a long way to go and many aspects to develop and progress. Engineering plays a critical role in nearly all aspects of our lives. Engineers help developing so every aspect of our lives as well as our countries. Engineering is the way dreams become reality. Anything behind any development is engineering,” ANC said.

“Engineering is one of the most popular study areas for Sri Lankan students. However more than 50% of male students and more than 30% of female students tend to select their secondary education with the purpose or the ambition of being an engineer in the future.  But the question is, how many know exactly what is meant by engineering and how many of these can be really become an engineer? Becoming an engineer is achievable but not an easy task without professional advice,” ANC said.

In today’s world there are numerous majors in the engineering field. However most students and parents are not aware of these streams and think only of a few common fields. That’s why students need to do our research and understand the global trend in engineering stream.

Some of the areas promoted include aeronautics and aeronautical engineering, architecture, bioengineering, biotechnology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, environmental engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, materials science and engineering, nuclear engineering, optical sciences, petroleum engineering, telecommunication engineering.

ANC said more than hundred thousand students study engineering in universities all around the world. Most Leading universities that produce best engineers in the world are American.

ANC styles itself as Sri Lanka’s No. 1 American University Transfer Programme offering savings up to 70% on US degree by completing two or three years in Sri Lanka and the final year in the US.