New tourism souvenir book Sri Lanka: The gem of the Indian Ocean

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Sri Lanka: The gem of the Indian Ocean is the unique product of a meeting of minds and passions for wildlife, photography and the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka brought together by Ifham Raji and Tracey Rich. A unique souvenir travel book, lavishly illustrated and sumptuously written with photographs spanning over a decade of work by both photographers, the book is a wonder of collaboration. Ifham, a successful gem dealer from the bustling city of Colombo and Tracey Rich a wildlife conservationist, photographer and writer from the countryside surrounding Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, first met photographing elephants in Minneriya National Park some ten years ago. It was there that the notion of the book was born and it has since matured into the magnificent publication seen today.  Ifham and Tracey used the unique name “The gem of the Indian Ocean” to describe Sri Lanka to better enhance the idea combined to Ifham’s business that the country is a hidden treaasure trove filled with gems that exemplify its richness and stunning beauty. Officially to be launched at the Barefoot Gallery and café in Colombo on 28 October, 2013, ‘Sri Lanka: The gem of the Indian Ocean’ is the ideal gift book for residents and visitors alike. Produced to the highest of standards by top designers in the UK and printed on luxurious art paper in China, the book is a delight to all. Covering topics as diverse as the landscapes and history of the country together with cultures, tourism and wellbeing and of course, wildlife; the authors’ overriding passion, the book, takes the reader on a marvellous journey to sample some of the delights of Sri Lanka. Based around the theme of gemstones, each chapter highlights some of the many facets of the country and its amazing people with rich and different photography aspects to match. “It is a very personal journey through some of the best views of the country both from within and with an outside perspective of a visiting traveller from overseas.” The book’s appeal will lie with residents and businesses particularly those connected to the tourism industry and will act as a fabulous promotional tool for encouraging visitors to this most magnificent of islands and as a thank you gift to those in business. Likewise, visitors to the island will also love this book, a one-stop shop of the best views of the country, its people and cultures covered in good written language taking one into the realm of this Island Nation. It is handily sized for the traveller to pack neatly in their luggage and to fondly reminisce over their travels to Sri Lanka once back at home and is also an ideal coffee table book to adorn at homes, hotels, bars, café’s, etc. It is also an ideal gift for a friend/colleague for any occasion to take away memories of Sri Lanka which can be cherished for as long as they can remember. “Our vision for the book was to show the diverse range of what Sri Lanka has to offer visitors, something a little different from the norm and all packaged in just one small island. We wanted to showcase the unending fascination we both have with the country and to invite others to come and share the fun with us,” co-author Ifham said.