Mihin Lanka offers a comprehensive flight experience

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The travel industry has evolved greatly since its inception and passengers’ view points as well as travel options have proportionately increased as well. A low cost carrier has the distinction of being able to offer competitive rates with certain incentives that a normal airline will never be able to match. For this reason, Mihin Lanka too has seen a marked improvement and development in their passenger quota and traveller identity. A further advantage Mihin Lanka is able to offer is that unlike any of its other counter parts, passengers receive a complimentary meal, a baggage allowance and an in-flight entertainment system apart from other benefits and amenities. With their recent acquisition of one A320 air bus and two A321 airbus’ Mihin Lanka is now fully geared to fly to their nine present destinations and beyond. When booking a Mihin Lanka flight, passengers will be amazed to discover that apart from the 20 kilograms and 7 kilograms as hand luggage allowed respectively, Mihin also offers incentive baggage allowances from competitive airports such as Dubai, Bahrain and Dhaka. Onboard the modern aircraft, well trained cabin crew offer deliciously tantalising complementary meals and for those who have pre-booked upgraded meals for a nominal sum, they are able to sink their teeth into delectable coconut rottis, fried rice, biryani, salads, sandwiches and much more. Mihin has also made special concessions for its young travellers and have made kids meals such as fried fish and chips, burgers and spaghetti available which are available as a special meal. An age appropriate gift is also given along with this meal. Young travellers constitute a relatively large segment of the travellers as children travel to join their parents working abroad or accompany their parents for their summer vacation. For those wishing to watch a movie, play a game or listen to some music etc., an in-flight entertainment system in the form of individual iPads are available on board and can be purchased for a nominal fee.  A drop down screen features documentaries with subtitles and other destination specific productions. A range of cosmetic, jewellery, perfume and gift items at duty free prices are made available for sale on board together with a range of liquor options. Great effort is taken to make sure that the pilots and cabin crew members are highly trained in conformity to Civil Aviation Authority standards as are the engineers who maintain and manage the safety standards of the Mihin Lanka aircraft to the highest level of compliance. “Our primary objective is to maintain the continued airworthiness, safety and stipulated standards established by CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka), EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and the Aircraft Manufacturer (Airbus). By our very nature, we not only maintain, but strive to achieve a very high level of safety and airworthiness. Through our partnership with Sri Lankan Engineering, who are approved by both the regulatory bodies and with over 30 years’ experience in the field, Mihin’s passengers can rest assured that our aircraft are maintained and operated according to the most stringent international and local requirements,” said Mihin Lanka Head of Engineering Deepthi Kulatunga. Mihin Lanka hospitality even extends to the welcome and safety announcements being stated in the language of the destination of the flight. Of the nine destinations currently being flown, Bahrain, Dubai, and Sharjah are the direct Middle East destinations, Delhi, Gaya, Varanasi and Madurai are the Indian destinations and direct flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh and Jakarta and Medan in Indonesia are available.