Ebert Silva holidays offers unique Buddhist pilgrimages to India

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Ebert Silva Holidays now offers unique ‘Sambuddha Vandana’ spiritual pilgrimage packages to India and Nepal in the footsteps of the Buddha in safety and comfort. With the commencement of the Buddhist pilgrimage season, luxury group packages of 12 days and 8 days have been organised to visit all main Buddhist sacred sites in India and Nepal. In the Mahaparinirvana Sutra the Buddha stated that there are four main sacred sites associated with his life that should be visited and venerated by every Buddhist. These revered sites being, Lumbini, the birth place of Prince Siddhartha, located in Nepal, 27 kilometres from the India-Nepal border, Buddhagaya, the most sacred site to all Buddhists around the world, where the ascetic Siddhartha attained enlightenment, Saranath, the place where the first sermon was delivered and Kusinara, where the Buddha passed away. Thus, a journey in the footsteps of the Buddha, worshipping and venerating the revered sites associated with the life of the enlightened one is indeed a treasured spiritual experience for every Buddhist. Exclusive highlights of the Ebert Silva packages are the rare opportunities offered to view and worship the sacred Buddha relics enshrined at the National Museum in New Delhi. Some of these were brought to Sri Lanka for exposition in August last year. These sacred relics have been found in the city of Piprahawa, 93 kilometres from Lumbini, identified as Kapilavastu, the capital of the Sakyas. Visiting the sacred site where the Satipattana Sutra was chanted is another exclusive highlight. Other special features of Sambuddha Vandana packages are the opportunity given to prepare and offer kiripindu and to observe sil in Buddhagaya. A visit to the Taj Mahal, the world wonder in Agra, will also be included in the tour. Star class accommodation, insurance covers, luxury transport and the group strength limited to a maximum of 30 persons will further ensure the comfort and personalised service. Special tailor-made packages are also offered according to preferred dates and itineraries. ‘Ebert Silva’ is a trusted name in the Sri Lankan travel industry and the Sambuddha Vandana packages strive to ensure the most memorable and fulfilling spiritual experience in safety and comfort. Tours are handled by experienced guides and are carefully scheduled for comfortable seasons that prevent travelling during extreme weather conditions. A spiritual journey to the land of the Buddha is indeed a cherished dream of every Buddhist and often a treasured gift given to parents and loved ones by their children. For further details call 0112814700/10 and 0113182302, email [email protected] Web: or visit www.ebertsilvaholidays.com.