Asia Pacific hotels enjoy positive results in October

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According to data compiled by STR Global, hotels in the Asia Pacific region experienced mostly positive results in the three key performance metrics during October 2011 when reported in U.S. dollars.

In year-on-year measurements, the Asia Pacific region’s occupancy fell 2% to 70%, its ADR increased 8.4% to US$150.60, and its RevPAR was up 6.2% to US$105.41.

“October was another fantastic month for New Zealand as it continued to host the Rugby World Cup, resulting in a 110.5% increase in RevPAR (in local currency),” said Elizabeth Randall, managing director of STR Global. “Despite the floods affecting parts of Thailand, the country reported a 10.9% RevPAR increase for the month showing its resilience. Hong Kong is top of the city league table with 20.2% RevPAR increase for the month, benefiting from its position as a strategic gateway into China and as an international financial and business centre.”

Highlights from key market performers for October 2011 in local currency (year-on-year comparisons):

  •    Phuket, Thailand, reported the largest occupancy increase, rising 8.9% to 70.2%, followed by Bangkok, Thailand, with a 6.4% increase to 57.7%.
  •     Two markets posted double-digit occupancy decreases: Shanghai, China (-14.9% to 63.3%), and New Delhi, India (-13.9% to 63.2%).
  •     Three markets achieved ADR increases of more than 15%: Hong Kong (+20% to HK$ 2,273.32); Bali, Indonesia (+18.3% to IDR 1,349,463.03); and Jakarta, Indonesia (+16.2% to IDR 836,885.65).
  •     Shanghai (-15.3% to CNY 834.24) and New Delhi (-10.8% to INR9,122.99) reported the largest ADR decreases for the month.
  •     Hong Kong jumped 20.2% in RevPAR to HK$ 1,944.77, reporting the largest increase in that metric, followed by Jakarta with an 18.3% increase to IDR 662,763.39.
  •     Two markets posted RevPAR decreases of more than 20%: Shanghai (-27.8% to CNY 528.49) and New Delhi (-23.2% to INR 5,767.42).

    Highlights from key market performers for October 2011 in U.S. dollars (year-on-year comparisons):

  •     Hong Kong ended the month with the largest ADR increase, rising 19.8% to US$292.74, followed by Bali with a 19.4% increase to US$153.03.
  •     New Delhi fell 18.4% in ADR to US$184.47, posting the largest decrease in that metric.
  •      Five markets experienced RevPAR increases of more than 15%: Brisbane, Australia (+20.2% to US$ 171.95); Hong Kong (+20% to US$ 250.43); Jakarta (+19.4% to US$ 75.16); Beijing (+18.2% to US$ 84.18); and Bali (+15.1% to US$ 119.26).

n    New Delhi fell 29.7% in RevPAR to US$ 116.62, reporting the largest decrease in that metric, followed by Shanghai (-24.5% to US$ 82.89) and Mumbai (-20.4% to US$ 99.10).