Tea brews record exports

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  • Country achieves highest-ever tea exports of Rs. 155.3 b in 2010 beats 2008 peak of Rs. 137.5 b
  • Value of shipments higher by Rs. 19.2 billion over 2009

Sri Lanka’s tea industry brewed an extra Rs. 19.2 billion in 2010 to propel exports to a record Rs. 155.3 billion.

Forbes and Walker Tea Brokers said yesterday tea exports in 2010 amounted to 314.2 million kilos, up by 8.4% from 289.6 million kilos shipped in 2009.

The overall figure was boosted by export of 28.3 million kilos in December,

marginally up from 27.3 million kilos done in the corresponding month of 2009.

Value wise, 2010 overall exports saw an increase of 14.1% or Rs. 19.2 billion to Rs. 155.3 billion, the highest ever beating the previous record of Rs. 137.5 billion established in 2008.

In December exports rose by Rs. 1 billion to Rs. 14.3 billion in 2010.

Forbes and Walker Tea Brokers analysing exports of each category said tea in bags totalling 32.5 m/kgs showed a significant gain of 8.6 m/kgs or 35.9% as against 23.9 m/kgs of 2009. 

“Green tea too show a noteworthy gain compared to the corresponding period of 2009.  Tea in bulk together with tea in packets too totalling 267.7 m/kgs also show a growth of 24.8 m/kgs when compared to 242.9 m/kgs of 2009,” the leading broker added.

Confederation of Independent States (CIS) has occupied the No.1 position with imports totalling 77.2 m/kgs showing a gain of 16.5 m/kgs as against 60.7 m/kgs of 2009. UAE and Iran have occupied the second and third positions respectively. Other noteworthy importers of Sri Lankan tea are Syria, Turkey and Jordon, Forbes and Walker Tea Brokers said.