Lankan fighter Kumudu Prasanna triumphs at MX Muay Xtreme

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Sri Lanka made history in the international Muay Thai arena when Kumudu Prasanna won his fight by knockout at the recent MX Muay Xtreme competition held in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Kumudu was the first fighter to represent Sri Lanka at a contest of this very high level, which saw fighters competing from seven other countries. Kumudu’s participation was facilitated by the official local representative for the sport, the Muay Thai Association of Sri Lanka. 

Kumudu is a 29-year-old professional Muay Thai fighter trained by Kru Asoka Jayarathna. His record prior to his recent win in Thailand was 10 fights, encompassing nine (9) wins and one (1) loss. His match at the MX Muay Xtreme was fought against a formidable Thai fighter whose record featured several more professional fights than Kumudu’s, so the fact that he was victorious is a testament to Sri Lanka’s rising stature in the sport and brought glory to the country. MX Muay Xtreme was a tournament that comprised seven fights in total, encompassing 14 professional fighters. It was broadcast live internationally via the ‘One’ HD channel.

“I am proud to represent Sri Lanka at the highest level of international Muay Thai competition, at the home of the sport, and bring glory to our country as a professional sportsperson. I would also like to thank my teachers who have guided me on this hard journey. I will definitely be participating at more international competitions across the world, and would like to encourage many more Sri Lankan fighters to take part in international competitions,” said Prasanna. 

The Muay Thai Association of Sri Lanka (MTASL) is the official governing body representing Sri Lanka at international Muay Thai competitions. The association facilitated Kumudu’s participation in MX Muay Xtreme, while also preparing him for many months beforehand by paving the way for his inclusion at several Muay Thai workshops in Thailand so that the full potential of this talented Sri Lankan fighter could be harnessed. The association is led by Kru Asoka Jayarathna and supported by international coordinator/director Miran Nilanga, under the supervision of Kru Pak, the head of the Muay Thai Association of America. 

“MTASL is committed to take Sri Lanka to international Muay Thai competitions while at the same time spreading the sport across the country. We are committed to identifying potential fighters as well as training them to the highest level so they can compete globally. It is also a career path one can choose based on how far one wants to go. Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from Thailand but it is also very popular in dozens of countries with many competitions held across the world,” said Kru Asoka Jayarathna.

Miran Nilanga, International Coordinator/Director – MTASL, has been instrumental in promoting Sri Lankan fighters at international competitions and has been advising the association on how to develop and spread Muay Thai across Sri Lanka. “It has been my dream to have Sri Lankan fighters competing at the highest level in Muay Thai as I have always believed we have the potential and the right attitude to win. I have been a practitioner of Muay Thai for over three decades under the tutelage of Kru Pak and I have witnessed firsthand what Sri Lankans can achieve at the international level in this sport,” stated Nilanga. 

MTASL plans to have more fighters representing Sri Lanka in the near future and plans to have more wins and popularise Muay Thai as a national sport in Sri Lanka. 

Kru Asoka Jayarathna launched Muay Thai in 2012 as a competitive sport in Sri Lanka after gaining years of experience globally with the vision of taking Sri Lanka to international competitions. The Muay Thai Association of Sri Lanka is the only official governing body for Muay Thai in Sri Lanka and was established in 2014 under the Muay Thai Association of America and is affiliated to the World Muay Thai Council. Muay Thai is a full contact sport and the national sport of Thailand with thousands of practitioners across the world.