SLC says cheers to ex-cricketers

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Ex-cricketers with Sports Minister Faiszer Musthapha, SLCCompetent Authority Kamal Padmasiri, and SLCCEO Ashley De Silva



Sri Lanka Cricket, under the guidance of Minister of Sports Faiszer Musthapha, has decided to felicitate 49 past cricketers who represented Sri Lanka prior to obtaining full membership of the ICC as a move to honour them for services rendered to Sri Lanka Cricket. 

Accordingly, SLC will offer grant exgratia payments for 12 cricketers who are above 65 years of age and currently living in Sri Lanka.

Each of the selected past cricketers will be given an exgratia payment of Rs. 25,000 per month, running up to one year and renewed thereafter at the discretion of the SLC Management. 

In addition, they will receive Rs. 150,000 per year for hospitalisation subject to original bills being submitted for reimbursement.

Past cricketers residing overseas will notbe entitled to the above payment, and this payment will not be made posthumously.

In the meantime, a memento to the value of Rs. 25,000 will be made to 49 past cricketers who played for Sri Lanka during the pre-Test era.

If an appeal is made for assistance by any other past cricketer strictly falling within the specified criteria who has not been nominated in the said list, this appeal will be considered, whilst any past cricketer who has been made a payment from the benevolent fund  will not be entitled to this scheme.

Sri Lanka Cricket will be handing over these payments to the selected cricketers starting this week. The selection of these cricketers were done by a three-member committee appointed by the SLC under the guidance of the Minister of Sports. 

Among the first batch of cricketers who were felicitated are Dr. H.I.K.Fernando, Daya Sahabandu, Amitha De Costa, M. Devaraj, T.B. Kehelgamuwa, N. Kodituwakku, A.C. M. Lafir, Ranjan Gunatilleke and Lasantha Rodrigo. 

This was done during a simple ceremony held at the Ministry of Sports with the participation of the Minister of Sports Faiszer Musthapha, SLC Competent Authority Kamal Padmasiri, and SLC CEO Ashley De Silva.

SLC will felicitate the rest of the cricketers in due course.

Past cricketers selected to be felicitated:

1.Ranjan Gunatilleke

2.Amitha de Costa

3.M. Devaraj

4.Dr. H. I. K. Fernando

5.Russell Harmer

6.Stanley Jayasinghe

7.T. B.Kehelgamuwa

8.N. Kodituwakku

9.A. C.M.Lafir


11.Lasantha Rodrigo


13.Dennis Chanmugam

14.Hemantha Devapriya

15.Lantra Fernando

16.Bernard Rulach

17.Jerry Woutersz

18.T. A.Buhar

19.Stanley de Alwis

20.Malcom Franke

21.Ronald Reid

22.C. T. A. Schaffter

23.Dr. C. Balakrishnan

24.F. Crozier

25.D. P. de Silva

26.Ranjit Fernando

27.Lionel Fernando

28.L. R.Goonetilleke

29.Kirthi Gunaratne

30.Nirmal Hettiarachchi

31. David Heyn

32.Clive Inman

33.D W. L.Lieversz

34.Brian Obeysekera

35.A. R. M.Opatha


37.Mevan Peiris




41.S. Rajapakse

42.Dr. B. G. Reid

43.J. Seneviratne

44.Anura Tennakoon

45.B. W. R. Thomas

46.Michael Tissera

47.D. Weerasinghe

48.Dr. Cyril Ernest

49.Dr. Sarath Wimalaratne