LAUGFS nurtures talent with LAUGFS Sports Club

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The LAUGFS Sports Club of diversified conglomerate LAUGFS Holdings announced yet another series of wins by its team members at the mercantile-level table tennis and badminton competitions. 

Launched as part of its many initiatives to create a platform to nurture employees’ talents as well as to build teamwork and camaraderie, the LAUGFS Sports Club has been actively taking part in mercantile championships.

The teams recently won the 35th Mercantile Inter-Firm Badminton Tournament 2018 and the Mercantile League Team Championship 2018 for table tennis. Many recreational activities are promoted among employees through the LAUGFS Sports Club, where staff from over 20 diverse businesses across the LAUGFS group come together to demonstrate their sporting prowess and teamwork.

The LAUGFS badminton team led by the Team Captain Nirmal Ranathunga emerged Division Champions of the Janaka Gamage Memorial Challenge Trophy at the division finals, triumphing over Nestle. Charith Amarasena was also awarded the title of ‘Best Player’ of the Division. The victory ensures that the LAUGFS badminton team will secure their position in the upcoming divisional level championship to be held in 2019. 

The winning team is captained by Nirmal Ranathunga - LAUGFS Import and Export Executive and consists of Charith Amarasena - Junior Executive, Group IT; Indika Gunawardena - Chief Information Officer of LAUGFS Holdings; Janaka Batuvita - Filling Station In-Charge of LAUGFS Southern Petroleum and Mahesh A. Weerasena - Director/Chief Executive Officer of LAUGFS Southern Petroleum. 

The winning badminton team, which was formed four years ago by drawing in the many talents within the LAUGFS Group, has clinched numerous titles and victories including a championship trophy in 2015. Demonstrating their hard work and commitment to the sport, the LAUGFS Sports Club members have excelled at both the team and individual levels over the years. Last year the Singles Championship at the Novices Open All Island Mercantile Badminton Championship, the runner-up title in the singles and the doubles trophy at the Masters Open All Island Mercantile Badminton Championship as well as the bronze medal at the Senior Nationals All-Island Badminton Championship were secured by LAUGFS Petroleum’s Mahesh A. Weerasena.

This latest victory at the 35th Mercantile Inter-Firm Badminton Tournament comes as another important milestone for the team. 

“We have made great progress since the beginning of 2014 and this victory is another testament to our efforts as a team. Our badminton team began in the ‘H’ Division and through continuous practice we honed our skills to claim our place in the ‘G’ Division in a short period of time. I have to attribute this achievement to the fantastic teamwork between our colleagues. We would also like to thank our badminton coach R.R.D. Ranathunga for his unwavering support, without which our victories would not have been possible,” commented the LAUGFS badminton team captain Nirmal Ranathunga as they celebrated the victory.

In its path to glory, the LAUGFS table tennis team has also secured victory at the Mercantile League Team Championship 2018, emerging as Champions in the Men’s ‘F’ Division. The winning team consisted of Yohan Probodha - Accounts Executive at LAUGFS Supermarkets; Janith Perera - Accounts Executive at LAUGFS Property Developers Ltd; Mahesh A. Weerasena - Director/Chief Executive Officer of LAUGFS Southern Petroleum and Darshana Gajaweera - Executive at LAUGFS Eco Sri.  

Commenting on this victory, the LAUGFS table tennis captain Janith Perera remarked: “We are delighted to have secured this victory at the Mercantile League Team Championship and this is a result of the dedication to the sport and the long practice sessions our team has endured. We are absolutely pleased to see the progress we have made within a short period of time, especially with what started as a simple pastime for relaxing after work with the LAUGFS Sports Club.”

Over the years, the LAUGFS table tennis team has been awarded prestigious titles and awards at the individual and group level. Yohan and Janith were semi-finalists at the Open 1 Match Men’s Doubles while Yohan, Janith and Mahesh secured third place for the Knockout Team title. During 2016, Yohan had also earned a badge of honour as a Champion at the Novices Men’s Singles.

LAUGFS is one of the largest diversified business conglomerates and a trusted name in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1995, today LAUGFS has expanded across 20 industries in Sri Lanka and overseas, establishing a strong presence as a leader and pioneer in the power and energy, retail, industrial, services, leisure and logistics sectors. With over 4,000 employees and annual turnover exceeding Rs. 37 billion, LAUGFS continues to expand and empower millions as a trusted Sri Lankan brand.