Women’s Forum – Sri Lanka 2016 ‘Action for Parity’ today

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The Women’s Forum – Sri Lanka 2016: Action for Parity’ is organised by a group of professional women specialising in diverse disciplines but with a common objective who have united to share their passion for social service especially the cause of women’s empowerment and development. The group is known as Women’s Forum Sri Lanka (WFSL).

The WFSL individual professional women experts, specialists in their respective fields will formulate action plans on diverse pressing women’s issues periodically for speedy Govt. action and to ensure accountability.

Symbolically, the launch of the first of the Women’s Forum coincides with International Women’s Day which falls today, 8 March. This day was chosen as the day to commence this endeavour and also to announce the associated future tasks of this group’s commitment to giving recognition to the role of women in society today and to highlight the opportunities for the often untapped potential of women to the socioeconomic agenda and their competence as leaders.

It’s the WFSL Group’s belief that it is time to move from rhetoric to action. The WFSL 2016, the first of its kind to be held in Sri Lanka, will move beyond discussions to draw the attention of the head of state and of the govt. and legislature to act on the suggested recommendations to ensure the well-being of women and put an end to the atrocities women and girls experience today and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  

This launch will register key members of the participants representing the large number of women’s organisations and individuals supporting women’s empowerment.  

The Women’s Forum Sri Lanka key group will also function as a lobby group to follow up on implementation of the proposed document containing recommendations for action.

The first of its kind (the follow up event II) – The outcomes of the Women’s Forum 2016 II, which will have a larger all island representation of women’s organisations and individuals supporting women’s empowerment under one roof, on one platform is to be handed over to the Government for action.

The group will attempt to unite all individuals and organisations serving the cause of women empowerment and development in Sri Lanka under one roof and on one platform to voice women’s issues and create more awareness at an organised mega event.

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The forum as the next step will provide a platform to women of all registered organisations and likeminded individuals, an opportunity to discuss challenges they face, share best practices and agree on action and the possible recommendations which the forum key members will carry forward to the head of State/Govt.

Today’s event, the first coming together of the first-ever Women’s Forum, will become a permanent feature to mark International Women’s  Day locally and to be a focal point for discussion on women’s contributions in societies within Sri Lanka and beyond.

It will be attended by representatives of all women organisations, individuals who espouse to the idea of women empowerment locally and overseas, civil society representatives, government leaders and business leaders.

Objectives of the Women’s Forum Sri Lanka 2016:

Place women’s social, political and economic issues on the agenda

WFSL key members/experts to draw up action plans periodically based on their own research and of the women forum outcomes and hand over same to the head of State or Govt.

Bringing together women from across Sri Lanka and the globe on to one platform for discussion, share success stories, outcomes of which are deliberated on by WFSL key members and handed over to the Government for action.

Raise awareness on matters affecting women‘s development in order to tackle poverty and inequality

Be a strong lobby group on matters pertaining to women that require such and to follow up and urge the govt. for action on the recommendations already submitted.

Create a networking platform of building new relationships and reinforcing existing ones.

Encourage the younger generation to secure fulfilment in their lives and those of others.

To formalise the group into an established entity as a strong voice and function as a catalyst for the betterment of women’s welfare.

The theme chosen for this inaugural Women’s Forum Sri Lanka 2016, ‘Action for Parity,’ is a clear message supporting the empowerment of women and steps to take positive fast action on achieving the equal status for women in their own lives as well as that of the communities and the areas in which they live.

Yet more often than not women’s contributions go unrecognised and unequal opportunities women and men continue to hamper women’s ability to empower themselves and improve their lives. In societies where equality for all is not just a notion but a tangible reality, where communities are enriched by the diversity of contributors which transcends gender of all aspects of life – this is the future Women’s Forum Sri Lanka envisages for the women population of Sri Lanka.