NDB Wealth advises ‘financial equality’ on International Women’s Day

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In commemorating International Women’s Day, and its 2016 theme of ‘Pledge for Parity,’ it is paramount that we bear in mind that an important part of securing any sort of parity for women is their achievement of true financial freedom. 

As such, expert financial planner NDB Wealth advises all women, in line with International Women’s Day, to really think about how to gain “Financial Equality” by more effectively planning out ways to not only guarantee their own future income, but also what it takes to secure a comfortable life for themselves and their families, since women often bear this additional responsibility.

According to Christina Wesley, a Financial Adviser with NDB Wealth, “Women in Sri Lanka have to confront the reality that, while they will often live longer than men, with their average life expectancy at 77 years, they are also frequently paid less. And, the odds are that their work lives will be interrupted by prolonged periods spent caring for others; their young children, their ageing parents, etc. This interrupts their career paths and is one reason that women are more likely to have jobs that offer lower salaries.” 

Wesley continues, “Some of this is inevitable, and it will be slow to change, as it has been for years. It’s irrational to decide against motherhood, for instance, because it’s going to prevent women from maximising their income and retirement savings, to put it mildly. So, the best way to overcome a woman’s unique challenges is for them to think outside the box, and carefully consider more innovative investment alternatives, like money market funds, with which women can truly take control of their financial freedom.”

Even at home and raising kids, most women can start building a retirement plan. For an optimal result, consider the NDB Wealth ‘Money Plus’ money market fund, to start. It’s simple and easy-to-use and, as such, an ideal starting point, which also offers almost double what most banks savings accounts pay in Sri Lanka. Money Plus currently offers a 7.25% tax free income to your hands.

So, ‘It’s Time’ you truly venture beyond your comfort zone and taking advantage of NDB Wealth’s expertise, prepare yourself fully for life’s unexpected journey ahead, with an eye towards complete financial freedom and all the equality and empowerment that it entails.

For more information, visit www.ndbwealth.com.