Business school-corporate interface to enhance the managing of enterprise

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A panel discussion on ‘Business School – Corporate Interface to Enhance the Managing Enterprise’ attempted to find out if the marriage between the two institutions could help in creating value to the corporate environment. Opining that this subject about industry and academia interface has been neglected for decades now, PIM Director Prof. Uditha Liyanage said comprehensive studies in the past few years have shown a mismatch in the priorities of the two institutions. He said visualising a triangle, at the bottom of the triangle is ‘knowing’, which the profession of knowledge, the second layer is ‘doing’ which is about skills development, and the top of the pyramid is ‘being’, which is the personality. “All the studies referred to suggested something important. In business schools the list of priorities is first the knowledge, skill, and then personality,” said Prof. Liyanage as the chairperson for the session for which the panellist included University of Sri Jayawardenepura Prof. Samanthi Senarathne, KUSM Nepal Dean Prof. Subas K. C., Core Education and Technologies Mumbai President/Chief Executive Dr. N. M. Kondap, Maldives National University Dean Faculty of Management and Computing Prof. Shathif Ali, and Royal Institute of Management Bhutan Karma Tshering. Liyanage said when the business school is asked to describe an ideal graduate, they will say the ideal is the one who is willing to learn and has the ability to work in a team. Only after that comes skills and knowledge. “There is a total mismatch with what the industry expects and what the business school delivers. Although attempts have been made to bridge this gap, the gap still exists,” asserted Liyanage.