Travelport launches Smartpoint in Sri Lanka

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  • Travelport Smartpoint evolves the Galileo Desktop with interactive technology to facilitate merchandising and upselling for ancillary services
Travelport, a leading distribution services and e-commerce provider for the global travel industry, has announced the launch in Sri Lanka of Travelport Smartpoint, an enhanced version of its industry-leading travel agency point-of-sale application. To be distributed in Sri Lanka by ITQ Lanka, the regional Travelport partner, Travelport Smartpoint has been embraced by more than 110,000 travel agents worldwide. Owing to its user-friendly features, this desktop application will save time by reducing the overall key strokes by 15% and significantly reduce costs.   The success of the application is its ability to offer users a blend of graphical and cryptic user interaction alongside a range of time-saving features: improving the agent user experience, reducing training costs, and speeding up the reservation process. This game-changing technology can be used by agents who are familiar with any Global Distribution System (GDS). Most significantly, it enhances profitability and customer service for travel agents in Sri Lanka by providing a platform to leverage merchandising opportunities through the Travelport Merchandising Platform (TMP). Travelport Merchandising Platform includes a range of sophisticated travel sales and marketing retailing capabilities that allow airlines to promote products and services to the right buyers, at the right time, in the right place. ITQ Country Manager Sri Lanka Mahendra Balasuriya said, “Smartpoint is truly a unique proposition, both for the travel agents as well as the end consumer. This is yet another example of developping a solution that provides the flexibility and choice to the agents and the travellers. We are confident that this application with be a game changer vis-a-vis online bookings and transactions.” “Travelport Smartpoint will enable a user to offer additional services while booking a ticket. For instance, a customer can avail of offers relating to lounge, wi-fi access, seats, meals, hotels, tours, cabs etc. Training costs will also decline by up to 50% as agents can operate this application on any GDS,” he added. Besides the new look and feel that makes finding relevant travel options even easier, Travelport has added enhanced hotel shopping, intelligent fare rules and advanced seat maps that are capable of showcasing all features of a seat. Every travel agent in Sri Lanka on GDS can benefit from Travelport Smartpoint. Upselling creates greater utilisation of fixed assets, builds customer loyalty through an enhanced guest experience and helps maximise the value of each reservation, Customer trends across Sri Lanka indicate that people are willing to pay more for better service and efficiency and self-indulge when booking their travel. Once the initial purchase is made, customers make impulsive decisions at the point of purchase for instance on a room upgrade or a late checkout, a higher floor with a better view, or a seat preference etc. Travelport Smartpoint helps leverage ancillary services and contributes overall to the health of the travel industry in Sri Lanka.