Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port heralds car carrier MV Aegean Highway of K Line

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K Line, the pioneer in maritime transportation of cars, has further strengthened its confidence in the Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port (MRMRP) in Hambantota with the maiden call of their RO/RO carrier MV Agean Highway on 13 August 2012. This vessel previously deployed on Australian – Europe – USA sector has now been engaged on Persian Gulf service with effect from 28th July this year.

To mark the maiden call of the vessel MV Agean Highway at MRMRP in Hambantota, a plaque exchange took place on board the vessel, between Capt. Nihal Keppetipola – Managing Director of SLPA and the Master of the Vessel Capt. Yordan Balchev. Expressing his views at the occasion Capt. Nihal Keppetipola – Managing Director of SLPA stated that since the commencement of RO/RO operations at MRMRP in June this year ten RO/RO vessels have called at the brand new port so far.

“The port is being further improved with all related facilities and it will surely be developed as one of the best ports in the region. With the commencement of car carrier operations 5663 units have been discharged at MRMRP and out of them 2914 units have been meant for transshipment,” he further said.

John Shiran Dissanayake – Chairman of the ABC Shipping (Private) Ltd., confident and optimistic over the success of MRMRP stated that K Line would continue to call at the new port as scheduled. “The on-arrival birth facilities extended at the new port has also resulted in smoother and efficient discharging and loading procedures which are at a higher and competitive standard,” he added.  

K Line, for which the ABC Shipping (Private) Limited acts as the local agents, provides safer and speedier car transportation service in the business of owning and operating car carriers. The line has been endeavoring  to innovatively reinforce its car carrier fleet with in-depth consideration to environmental preservation in particular, as well as to perform service in the handling of complete cars entirely damage-free at all times during loading and discharging operations as well as during ocean navigation.

When MRMRP commenced RO/RO operations for the first time this year, on 6 June 2012, the pure car carrier MV Fricia belonged to K Line was the first to call from Japan with the first local RO/RO consignment to be discharged at the brand new port. Expressing his optimism over the success of K Line with SLPA, Tressel G. Silva – General Manager (Vessel Operations, Logistics, EQ & T/S) ABC Shipping (Private) Limited, stated that during 2011, K Line had performed discharging operations of 46,944 units exclusively with the SLPA in Colombo and so far from January up to July this year, the line’s discharging capacity exclusively with the SLPA both in Colombo and MRMRP in Hambantota, had registered a total of 20,620 units.

From the viewpoint of oil pollution prevention and environmental preservation, K Line has also adopted a new methodology in which fuel and bunker oil tanks are designed to be placed within a triple-bottom structure. The new method is expected to increase protective capabilities of the tanks even when a ship’s hull is damaged.

K Line has also succeeded in adopting an electronic control engine on board a car carrier for the first time. Fuel injection timing and timing of both opening and closing of the exhaust valves are controlled with electronic signals. As a result, it contributes greatly to reducing emissions of Nitrogen Oxide and reducing emissions of Carbon Dioxide and particular matter when in low load operation.

K Line is currently endeavoring to introduce various types of ships in the line’s fleet to strengthen its service network covering the Atlantic, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Intra-Europe and China. On CIX II and India Far East Express (INDFEX) services, K Line also patronises exclusively with the SLPA, providing stable and reliable services to all its customers over the years.