DHL launches digital proof of delivery in Qatar

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DHL Express, a global logistics leader, has introduced an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) service in Qatar that can directly capture customer signatures onscreen. The unique electronic signature (eSIGnature) capability eliminates the need for hard-copy proof of delivery (POD) sheets. DHL is the only express delivery company offering this service in Qatar, a statement said. Each ePOD provides delivery details and an image of the receiver’s signature if captured digitally. There will thus be no need to call customer service; a client can simply view, download, print or email their proof of delivery documents either as letters or in table format — usually within an hour of delivery. A ‘Get Proof of Delivery’ link in the online tracking results can be accessed to track a shipment. The new service provides increased shipment visibility and a convenient and seamless delivery experience.  It also contributes to DHL’s ‘GoGreen’ initiative as it does away with hard-copy delivery sheets and eliminates the need to print and post hard-copy PODs. The incorporation of eSIGnature functionality also significantly improves the acquisition, storage and processing of delivery data. Moreover, DHL’s ePOD signatures will be of much higher quality and thus more reliable since system-generated PODs will not just be images scanned from delivery sheets but direct from the source. “Markets today are ever-changing, we work to stay top of our game at any given time and the best way we know to do so is through innovation,” said Nael Attiyat, country manager, DHL Express Qatar. “We provide innovative solutions that would present our customers with top-of-the line technology providing convenience, efficiency and peace of mind. The eSIGnature service is an affirmation of DHL’s firm commitment to continue being a leader in the industry offering fresh solutions that truly keep up with the needs and demands of the market and keep customers satisfied.” Enterprises will find eSIGnature-filled ePODs very helpful in mitigating financial risk and boosting business efficiency as well. The service improves tax record keeping and reporting, protecting exporters from excessive penalties due to missing or incomplete delivery confirmations. “IT is a potent tool for addressing customer service challenges and simplifying and streamlining key business process. The ePOD service is a testament to the commitment of DHL Express towards integrating practical and highly efficient IT solutions,” added Christopher Almeida, IT manager, DHL Express Qatar.