Deccan Aviation expands fleet with focus on safety in the skies

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka has issued Deccan Aviation with the Airworthiness Certificate for its newly acquired GA8 Airvan, thus approving its safety for air travel.  

This new aircraft has been certificated by many international airworthiness agencies including the world’s most modern and most stringent airworthiness standard - The Federal Aviation Regulation 23 (FAR 23) and also the Aviation Authorities of Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and South Africa. No other aircraft in its class measures up to the stringent safety, design and airworthiness requirements to which the GA8 is certified.  


Director/CEO of Deccan Denham Schokman said: “At Deccan, safety starts long before a flight takes off, The GA8 Airvan takes us a step further in our endeavours to offer our guests the ultimate flying experience. In fact the safety of our guests and crew is our top priority.

It is the rationale behind the superior technology in our aircraft and the reason we have the most stringent training, operations and maintenance procedures in the industry.

With its modern design, superior performance and multiple redundant safety features, the GA8 brings with it our continued assurance of safety in the skies.”

High Commissioner for Australia in Sri Lanka Kathy Klugman welcomed the entry of quality Australian aircraft to Sri Lankan skies, adding that the launch of the new Deccan Aviation service could not have come at a better time, capitalising on the great promise offered by the growth of Sri Lanka’s tourism sector in all parts of the country.

Led by George Morgan, the founder of Gippsland Aeronautics, a team from the manufacturers, Australia based Gippsaero Pty Ltd. was in Sri Lanka recently to train Deccan Aviation’s engineers and pilots on the GA8 which included the assembling and flight testing of the aircraft.

Said Morgan: “My team and I have been very impressed by the standard and quality of work of Deccan Aviation’s engineers. We worked long hours on rigorous training sessions and the end result has been great.

I have great confidence in their performance. They will certainly do the GA8 proud.”