Singer enhances World's Best Wireless Burglar Alarm System

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Renowned for giving its customers the ultimate in convenience and quality, Singer yesterday launched a new add-on to the PowerMax+ security system from Visonic, the world's largest manufacturer of wireless security systems.

The latest product, an outdoor motion detector, is now available in Sri Lanka for the first time and expands the safety of users' security zones by leveraging a number of unique innovations, such as the ability to detect suspicious human movement and adapt to extreme weather conditions.

The PowerMax+ security system from Visonic is perfectly suited to home and office environments, giving users complete peace of mind by combining the world's best intrusion detection technology with early alerts of smoke, gas, and flooding. PowerMax+ incorporates many proprietary innovations that aren't available in any other security system, allowing, for example, total fingertip control through a user-friendly remote control operation or even a mobile phone.

The new outdoor motion detector is powered by extremely sophisticated technology and is able to differentiate various types of movement, distinguishing between suspicious human movement, falling tree branches and other natural motions and the movement of pets, thus ensuring reliable detection of real threats. This unique tool, available in Sri Lanka for the first time ever; was developed after 8 years of research and development, and is easily integrated into existing PowerMax+ systems. Users can programme up to 4 telephone numbers into the PowerMax+ system, so that when a threat is detected and the system is triggered, it will immediately alert these numbers, either through an automated call or text message.

Manufactured at its state-of-the-art production facility in lsrael, the PowerMax+ system is built to the highest manufacturing quality standards, using an ISO certified process. Visonic has become the world's leading manufacturer of wireless security systems, producing over 2 million such systems every year in more than 70 countries around the world, by investing in innovative research and development. In the past few years alone, the company's groundbreaking work has resulted in 90 registered patents, giving it a technological edge that no other manufacturer in the world can claim.

Available at all Singer MEGA outlets and select Singer Homes and Singer plus stores, Visonic’s Powe rMax+ security system is the first choice for those who really care about the safety of their family or office. Sri Lankans, who are well aware of Singer's reputation for insisting on the very best, will be able to rely on the company's industry-best after-sales service to get the very best out of their products. Covering the entire island and including 7 Singer regional service centres and more than 100 service franchise agents, this sophisticated network ensures that customers receive the premium service. Just as Singer upholds its commitment to giving customers the ultimate in product quality and convenience, the PowerMax+ security system is built on the promise of giving customers ultimate peace-of-mind.

The exclusive partnership between Singer and Visonic ensures that Sri Lankans get the most out of their lives by protecting the people and things that they value the most with Singer's trusted excellence.