Singer and Hitachi inspire next revolution in refrigerators

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Sole agent for Hitachi products in Sri Lanka, Singer is now launching the latest range of world-class fridges from Hitachi, featuring a range of cutting-edge innovations such as ‘Minus Zero’ cooling, Nano Titanium technology, and ‘Front Jet’ freezing.

The sleek, classy contours of the new Hitachi line of fridges can be found at all Singer Mega and Singer Duty-Free stores.

The design innovations unveiled in the ultra-modern ‘Best in Class’ Hitachi fridges are a reflection of the company’s desire to give customers the very best in food freshness and convenience. ‘Minus Zero’ cooling is an advanced hybrid technology that combines the zero degree ‘Minus Zero’ panel and the groundbreaking Cool Jet Wrap to preserve a food’s moisture, nutrition, and flavour.

Made out of high thermal conductivity aluminum, the ‘Minus Zero’ panel ensures uniform radiation cooling, while the Cool Jet Wrap chills every corner of the refrigerator to maintain optimum cooling conditions.

Nano Titanium technology uses microscopic nano titanium particles to filter out harmful bacteria and mold, deodorising and sanitising the interiors of Hitachi fridges at no additional cost. This breakthrough technology makes it easier for consumers to ensure the peak performance of their Hitachi fridges, without requiring any additional energy.  In conventional freezers, chilled air flows only from the back, where it is often blocked by stored food items. In order to solve this design problem, Hitachi’s new refrigerators use ‘Front Jet’ freezing technology which ensures that chilled air is also provided from the front so that there is uniform cooling inside the freezer compartment.

The all new ‘Best in Class’ Hitachi range; Traditional Two Door Large Capacity Refrigerator, Wide Bodied Two Door Refrigerator and French Door Side by Side Refrigerator – deploys multiple electronic sensors and an advanced microcomputer to control temperature, ensuring optimal cooling and energy-saving operation, regardless of external conditions.   The fridges also feature mold-proof door gaskets, tempered glass shelves and other top-shelf design details. For example, the new Hitachi French Door Fridge contains an automatic ice maker and a water dispenser light that makes night-time use more convenient.

The ultra-classy, ultra-modern line of new ‘Best in Class’ Hitachi fridges are the latest addition to Singer’s stable of world-class brands, which range from Philips to Samsung to TCL. Indeed, as the #1 public brand in Sri Lanka, as well as the ‘Brand of the Year,’ the ‘Best Consumer Durables Brand’ and the ‘Youth Brand of the Year,’ Singer is itself a world-class brand.  These accolades are proof of the company’s commitment to unmatchable customer service and a reflection of its dedication to improving the lives of its customers. With over 360 retail outlets, Singer has spread its presence far and wide and makes it simple for customers to purchase its rich range of products and services.