Seminar on restructuring organisations for leadership

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MERCHANT Bank of Sri Lanka Plc (MBSL) will hold a seminar titled “Restructuring organisations to achieve market leadership in emerging economy of Sri Lanka” on 18 October from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. at the Grand Ball Room – Galle Face Hotel.

The speaker for the event is Hafeez Rajudin Chief Executive Officer, Merchant Credit of Sri Lanka Limited and Chairman, Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka.

MBSL said economic development, investor confidence and economic policies have being positive for Sri Lanka in the last couple of months since the end of the conflict in May 2009, and reintegration of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Infrastructure development and business developments are taking place to enable the country to remain stable as an emerging economy in the South Asian region. Nevertheless, the business sector is prepared for the future; for demands anticipated from different industries; focussed on key value driving opportunities for Sri Lankans, are some of the key questions that need answers.

There are many business opportunities, but choosing the best business opportunity to provide the highest return on investment or an exceptional return should be focussed on grabbing the opportunity. On the other hand, the way we do business matters in attracting business and emerging to be prospective for the future. Cultural behaviours, thinking patterns, management styles and leadership strategies need to be developed to face challenges more effectively. As such rethinking and restructuring the way we do business will be an important aspect for many Sri Lankans.

The seminar organised by MBSL is a unique opportunity to learn and understand on the Take-off the economic development in Sri Lanka in the near future: Is the business sector ready? Revisiting  Organisational goals and objectives, market leadership positions, cultures and behaviours of organisations to face the development challenges effectively and effective business propositions, organisational values and disciplines which are vital in restructuring organisations. This seminar will provide an excellent opportunity for the participants to gain a wide range of knowledge, skills and inroads to restructure their organisations effectively to take up the challenges in the new emerging economy of Sri Lanka.

This seminar will be a value creator for Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Information Officers, Directors of Companies, Managing Directors, Marketing Directors, Finance Directors,  General Managers – Marketing, Brand Managers, Strategic Managers, Senior Managers,  Investment Bankers, Business Consultants, Finance Managers, Audit Managers, Accountants, Stock Broking Companies, Banks, Board of Investment approved Companies and Consultancy Firms, Students and others with special interest on restructuring organisations to achieve market leadership in the emerging economy of Sri Lanka.