Laugfs introduces Sri Lanka’s first-ever five kg gas cylinder

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Laugfs has presented to Sri Lankan consumers the first-ever five kg gas cylinder, which has now been introduced to the market.

The five kg Laugfs cylinder is the latest member to join 12.5 kg and two kg gas cylinders, which are already in the market. This cute little five kg gas cylinder is introduced especially for the benefit of small families. Laugfs believes that the five kg will be popular with the consumers became of its cute size and its easy portability.

“Laugfs is a 100% Sri Lankan enterprise, which is ever ready to present latest products to Sri Lankan consumers. Laugfs introduces this five kg gas cylinder to the market, because it is keenly aware of the heart-beat of the consumers,” a press release noted.

“The active and innovative staff of Laugfs always gives priority to the consumer. That is why they have introduced this cute, low-cost five kg gas cylinder. The way the five kg cylinder has been constructed, makes it easy to place and use it in the kitchen. Laugfs is fully aware of the need to ensure the consumers safely. They are also aware of their needs. They are always mindful of the necessity to provide a service of the highest quality. Laugfs has been awarded ISO standard Award. Laugfs is the only Sri Lankan company to receive this award. We present our products to the consumers with a great sense of pride,” it added.

Laugfs entered Sri Lanka’s power and energy industry field in October 2001. It introduced its products and services to the consumer public, breaking the monopoly that existed till now. Entirely as a result of this, the consumer received the opportunity to acquire gas at a competitive price.

Laugfs Holdings Group of Companies has been able to win the confidence of the consumer through its network of enterprises consisting of the Laugfs super market chain, holiday resort, petroleum private company, lubricants, water, rubber and real estate section and Laugfs stands out as its top-most enterprise. By this time, people all over the island have got used to gas, as an extremely convenient and safe fuel. Out of five million family units, 12% utilise gas. Because of their islandwide distribution network, they have the capability to provide the needs of the consumers, systematically and satisfactorily. As a fuel, Laugfs is profitable and at the same time it is safe, clean, environment-friendly and economical. As a result vast numbers of consumers turn to Laugfs now.

The bulk supply to cater to the needs of the consumers is done through the filling terminal at Mabima Kaduwela. This is done by safely storing the modern cylinders in their store complex. “Laugfs is always ready to provide products for consumer safety. Their staff is over 300. As a result of the functions of the company, Laugfs is fast becoming a household name,” the statement noted.

“Because of this new product of Laugfs company, the consumer will undoubtedly get a whole series of benefits. They are as follows. As it is cute and small, it can be transported conveniently. Storing too is easy. As a result, space can be managed easily. Since its cost is very low, even low-income families can own this. In addition, it will be the extra cylinder in all households. Laugfs introduce this cylinder to the market, to fill all these needs, because they have a keen awareness of the needs of the consumer,” it concluded.