Industry experts praise 12 month MBA at Oxford College of Business

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Several industry experts have praised the 12-month MBA at the Oxford College of Business.

Among them are Nestle Lanka Plc Assistant Vice President‐ Marketing Asoka Bandara, MBA, CIM (UK); DHL Head of Customer Complaints Nujith Samarawickrema, BCom (H) MBA MICLA CMILT (UK) FIM (SL); Management consultant T.M. Jayasekara, B. Sc. Eng., MBA, C Eng., FIE, FIM, FCIWEM (Lond), MICE, MSLIM, MSLITAD, MIPM and Maliban Biscuits CEO (Sales and Marketing) Ravi Jayawardena, MBA (PIM), CIM (UK).

MBA offered by the Australian Institute of Business Administration is a UGC Approved MBA.

The fact that the AIBA MBA offered by Oxford College of Business is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in Sri Lanka adds to the high standards of quality that Oxford College of Business proudly boasts about.

The AIBA‐MBA has been rated among the best in the world which is the main reason why the MBA programme offered by AIBA are popular with students worldwide The Australian Institute of Business Administration (AIBA) MBA is a four star Post graduate degree and recognised by authorities both locally and internationally:

nUGC (University Grants Commission) — National accreditation body

nIAU (International Association of Universities) —Worldwide accreditation body

nAQF (Australian Qualification Framework) — Australian accreditation body and

nCRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) —Commonwealth/EU accreditation body

Oxford College of Business said this is an honour shared by only a few of the world’s elite business schools around the world.

“The 12 month AIBA MBA conducted by Oxford College of Business is a versatile post graduate qualification, aimed at improving the overall management & leadership competencies of today’s aspiring professionals. The course is well structured with a good balance of theory and contemporary practical applications, stimulating active student participation and good team work. By scheduling only one management subject a month, it has ensured maximum student focus and attention. Moreover, Oxford College has provided excellent infrastructure facilities, ensuring the AIBA MBA is a pleasant learning experience in spite of its demanding schedule. I have enjoyed my lecturing stint at Oxford College as the quality and calibre of students are of good professional standard,” said Bandara.

“The AIBA‐ MBA at Oxford College of Business offers its students a unique, time definite course and in its curriculum, includes some of the latest knowledge areas in the modern management field. This gives a comprehensive edge to its students when practicing the area of Management in various companies,” pointed out Samarawickrema.

Jayasekara said: “The Australian Institute of Business Administration, (AIBA) together with the Oxford College of Business (OCB) popularly known as “AIBA‐MBA programme” stand out from the rest to‐day, as the most prestigious and sought after MBA by the Sri Lankan Business Executives. It is unique in many ways and it best suits the career needs, and the purse as well. Above all, it can be completed exactly within 12 months covering the 12 modules. Those who follow the AIBA‐ MBA programme, study the theory and application of business and management principles in 12 modules, completed in exactly 12 months. This type of study equips students with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of real world business situations.”

“In today’s corporate world having a professional qualification is absolutely crucial firstly as an entry tool and secondly for performance excellence. It has been observed that due to expansion in the number of qualified people in the market, employers are raising the educational requirement bar at the entry level, on a regular basis for the same job position. This trend even can get into the next level within the next two to three years time. Furthermore any modern MBA qualification should facilitate and help the managers to use cutting edge knowledge in strategic decision making at the highest cooperate level in order to gain competitive advantage in a fierce macro environment. The AIBA ‐ MBA is actually fulfilling both the above requirements due to its in‐depth curriculum and the way it has being delivered to students. The synergy created by the multi‐organisational class ensures in‐depth and thought‐provoking discussion. The college facilitates students to have real‐life experience with different business enterprises and obtain a sound hands on experience “how to use class room knowledge in real life situation”. This is the unique feature of the MBA offered by AIBA,” said Jayawardena, who is also the only Sri Lankan to be a consultant to Glendinning (UK).

A spokesman for Oxford College of Business said: “An MBA will open the doors to positions in just about every large international and local corporation. With an MBA from an accredited Business School, like the Australian Institute of Business Administration, you will have the confidence and background to tackle interviews for not only entry‐level positions, but for higher‐grade positions as well. In fact, many prospective employers won’t even look at you without an MBA under your belt, while they’ll look at you with respect and admiration if you do have the degree.”

With the ever changing business environment the faster an individual obtains his/her MBA, the faster they are able progress in the career.  He said this was the main reason why the 12 month MBA programmes around the world are gaining in popularity very fast.

Five years ago, the two‐year MBA was significantly more popular than the one‐year MBA model, but now they are neck to neck. The trend mirrors a shift that has taken place in the MBA market over the past few years. When selecting and MBA there are two very important factors that prospective MBA students need to consider. While one important factor is based on how recognised the MBA is, the other centers around how reputed the MBA and the faculty is,’ the spokesman added. “In today’s fiercely competitive job market, you have to come armed with the weapon that will make all the difference – the AIBA‐MBA at Oxford College of Business can give you just the edge you’re looking for,” the spokesman added.