Dell unveils open solutions

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Dell delivers solutions that are open, capable and affordable to enable organisations to drive enterprise efficiency in the virtual era; giving customers an alternative to closed, proprietary stacks.

Services and solutions enable customers to devote more of their IT budgets to innovation and cut the costs of ‘keeping the lights on,’ reducing storage costs by more than 50%.

Efficient data centres – integrated, interoperable and modular platforms that work with existing infrastructure – empower customers to build highly virtualised datacentres and cloud computing platforms.

Dell’s open, standards-based solutions let customers of all sizes integrate new technologies without sacrificing performance or their existing IT investments.

The solutions and services offered by Dell free customers to capitalise on the ‘Virtual Era’ and realise new levels of enterprise efficiency, with a goal of reducing data management costs by up to 50 per cent and making room in budgets for the strategic investments they need to make now.

“Enterprise innoavation and efficiency depends on solutions that are open, capable and affordable,” said Kaushala Lankadhikara – Storage Solutions Consultant, Dell Sri Lanka.

“Dell’s solutions are uniquely open and un-tethered to legacy assets and proprietary approaches to deliver against these needs. The CIO agenda isn’t about managing OPEX at the expense of CAPEX or innovation. It is about driving efficiency without compromise and reinvesting the savings towards innovation and returning shareholder value.”

More than ever, customers are dealing with two fundamental pain points – storing and sorting the explosion of data, and managing and operating the infrastructure and applications needed to run the business.

Dell’s Efficient Data Centre (EDC) solutions allow enterprises to dynamically and rapidly deliver strategic IT services with a host of new capabilities.

This helps avoid resource silos and allows organisations to allocate resources in a dynamic manner in order to meet changing work load demands. Dell Services also delivers end to end portfolio of data centre services to help customers achieve greater efficiency in their data centre.

Dell helps to extend the life of the customer’s existing data centre investments through various strategies including rightsizing data centre capacity, data centre facilities design and management, virtualisation and data centre migration. With the use of modelling techniques to assess customer’s data centre environments, Dell Services provide recommendations to resolve immediate problems and to address longer term issues.

Dell services and data centre consulting practice is at the heart of Dell’s data centre solutions which is focused on five key areas that include data centre planning and management, platform optimisation and virtualisation, facilities efficiency, networking and data management.

EDC is built on four key fundamental building blocks, which is essential for the virtual era.  The four main features include intelligent data management (IDM), streamlined application and workload management, simplified infrastructure management and intelligent infrastructure.  

The explosion of data has left businesses grappling with the complexity of managing, maintaining and protecting their data, especially unstructured data such emails and rich media files that are projected by 2012 to reach five times the size it was in 2008 (IDC).

Dell’s Intelligent Data Management automates the management of data through predictable, scalable and open data storage through storage virtualisation, automated data tiering and deduplication, companies can reduce storage costs by more than 50%. Streamlined Application and Workload Management automates the day-to-day tasks, from workload deployment to image creation and is designed to use best-of-breed technologies regardless of vendor.

Simplified Infrastructure Management optimally manages the physical and virtual servers, and logical infrastructure. The final key building block for the Efficient Data Centre is smart, virtual-ready infrastructure for rapid deployment and optimised operations.