Cinnamon Grand launches the Diabetic Menu on World Diabetes Day

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In keeping to its promise of indulgence for all, the Cinnamon Grand has launched the Diabetic Menu to coincide with World Diabetes Day on 14 November, in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat that diabetes now poses.

The menu, available at Cinnamon Grand restaurants, includes over 30 dishes with a selection of starters, soups and desserts along with main dishes from several Cinnamon Grand restaurants.

The range includes everything from Italian, Indian and Fusion fare to fine dining cuisine, pub grub and a seafood selection. In essence, the best culinary indulgences the Cinnamon Grand has to offer in diabetic friendly dishes. The meal choices are geared to help people with diabetes make smarter food choices and to completely enjoy the food they choose to eat. The goal of the menu is to ensure that diabetics don’t have to completely hold back when it comes to dining out.

According to the World Diabetes Foundation, diabetes is a serious affliction currently increasing in pandemic proportions more than HIV Aids. Every 10 seconds a person dies due to diabetes-related causes and diabetes kills 3.8 million persons yearly, which is higher than HIV Aids. Adopting a healthy diet can prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes up to 80%. With that in mind, the Cinnamon Grand team started conceptualising the Diabetic Menu.

“With special recipes developed keeping a diabetic’s condition in mind, we are offering an option for those who choose to eat healthy. In fact, the option for culinary indulgence is still a possibility with the Diabetic Menu,” said General Manager Rohan Karr.

A menu that includes Poached salmon with horseradish sauce and Steamed orange modha fillet with herbs, not to mention Cinnamon apple turnover and Black forest trifle doesn’t seem like the average diabetic menu, and for good reason. According to Executive Chef Ranjith Morugama, the Diabetic Menu was compiled with the input of dieticians, doctors and other luminaries. He said this resulted in an indulgence menu that keeps this health condition in mind.

As a diabetic, one needs to eat a variety of different foods and in the right proportions to help maintain as healthy of a diet as possible, just like someone who is not diabetic. Proteins are just as important to a diabetic’s diet as vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and so on. The Diabetic Menu provides a lower carbohydrate, sodium, and fat alternative to customers with or without diabetes that are conscious about selecting healthier food choices. “To that effect, we’ve detailed each type of item in the menu with the total amount of calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, cholesterol and sodium, so customers know exactly what they are consuming,” said Chef Morugama.

The Diabetic Menu is available at all Cinnamon Grand restaurants for lunch and dinner.