Chery’s future styling takes place

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  • 2014 Beijing Auto Show – Chery Concept Alpha & Concept Beta
The enigmatic brand released two fresh concepts at the 2014 Beijing auto show. The concept Beta is a swoopy SUV with radical styling and 22-inch wheels, and will reportedly hit production for a 2016 launch. The company’s other concept at the show, the Alpha, identifies some of the styling cues for its upcoming Arizzo 5 sedan, a four-door model with a choice of two petrol engines. Chery is reading new models for its Australian operations, as the ambitious car maker sets about making its presence outside of its Chinese homeland even bigger. Chery Australia spokesman Daniel Cotterill stated that the Company has set about ‘making it’ in the global marketplace by consolidating its line-up and investing more in the research and development of its vehicles. Cotterill was optimistic about the brand’s future in Australia, pointing to the universal roll-out of stability control technology in their cars last year, as well as the release of the updated J11 Tiggo (SUV) in the coming months. Chery’s has also been testing pre-production versions of the Arizzo 7 compact sedan locally in the hope a right-hand drive model will soon become available. We’ve got the Arizzo 7 pre-production cars in Australia and both of those concept cars are very attractive and they are a good example of the energy that Chery is putting into design, but also into research and development, to improve the quality and the appearance of their cars. Ideal Chery Automobiles Ltd., the sole distribution partner for Chery in Sri Lanka was present at the unveiling of Concept Alpha and Concept Beta at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. Ideal Chery Automobiles Ltd. COO Chamath Tennekoon stated that these concept cars from Chery will not just be technology demonstrators but will actually go into production in 2015/2016. He further stated that IDEAL Group’s investment in reintroducing Chery to Sri Lanka was an innovative and well thought-out move given the high level of R & D activity, European Design Input and product quality/ build quality inputs that Chery is currently pursuing in order to be the next global automobile powerhouse.