Clarion International offers discount on lightning protection

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For the forthcoming April-May lightning season, Clarion International Ltd.,  (also known as Clarion Energy) is offering a discount of 25% on Lightning and Surge Protection equipment that are of highest quality; 100% manufactured in Europe. 

Usually in April and May people suffer losses on their lives, property and equipment due to lightning that is commonly called ‘Bak-mah-Akunu’. 

In a bid to create awareness of protection from lightning for the public and SME sector companies, Clarion Energy has launched this program. 25% discount is offered until 31 May for the public to protect their houses and buildings from lightning strikes. Alternative to the discount, they could obtain surge protection device free-of-charge.

Clarion has been in the forefront of protecting lives and assets as well as saving energy in over 1,300 of Sri Lanka’s leading companies for over three decades. It has contributed to saving billions of rupees for those companies in the process.

Clarion Energy partners with HAKEL for Surge Protection and with Franklin France for Lighting Protection. 

HAKEL devices protect electrical and electronic equipment, IT systems, telecommunication equipment, CCTV camera networks, TVs and computers as well as your special needs. FRANKLIN FRANCE is the number one company in Europe that protects buildings and houses from lightning, again both protectors are made in Europe.

Clarion Managing Director Barnes Abeywardena speaking on the program said that lightning and surge protectors should be similar to technical components of an airplane in that they should be of the highest quality because they must work when lightning strikes as there is no second chance.

“An airplane must be equipped with best technical components because in an emergency when it is airborne, no chances can be taken. Likewise for lightning and surge protection too best components must be used since when thunder strikes there is no second chance as it leaves houses and buildings vulnerable. Big companies emphasise on using lightning and surge protection equipments for the safety of their buildings and lives too. Recently Union Bank installed HAKEL surge protection in all branches and ATM machines throughout the island. But it is pitiful that general public and SME sector not taking these risks seriously, thus they become vulnerable to lightning and risk losing valuable equipment, even life,” said Abeywardena.

 “According to a study by International Copper Association, London ‘75% of all computer failures are caused by power quality problems’ and lightning surges is a main cause. Every thunder strike, although it may not be visible, degrades almost every electronic unit. Hence, TV sets, computers and other electronic devices, if not protected against surges, decrease their life-span considerably. This promotional program is our service to the nation to create awareness among people on the importance of such protection,” he added.

For over 32 years we have been contributing immensely towards ‘Greening Sri Lanka’ and the essence of ‘Clarion brand’ is as in our tag-line, ‘Greening the Nation since 1986’. 

To deliver the highest quality, Clarion International Ltd. has been in partnerships for over 30 years with world renowned leaders, mostly European: ABB-worldwide for Electronic Drives, FRAKO-Germany for power factor correction capacitors and Energy Management Systems, WEG-Brazil for Motors, HAKEL– Czech, Europe for Surge Protection, BENEDICT-Austria for Power Control components, LUVATA – Malaysia for Earthing networks and Bus-Bars and Franklin France for Lighting Protection.