Sifani Gallery: Driving creative elegance

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The beautifully sculptured dancing figurines stood out striking against the milky white backdrop under a shower of golden light. Immersed partially on the wall right across were more female figures adorned by the glitter and glamour of an artistically designed creative selection of jewellery. Their dancing postures heightened by their ivory and pale golden dresses embellished by hints of glass and costume jewels were indeed a spectacular sight to behold.

The ‘Sifani Gallery’ is the latest of the renowned Sifani chain which has been in the precious stones and jewellery arena of Sri Lanka for well over four decades. Having marked their celebrated presence locally as well as internationally at most high-end luxury and boutique hotels Sifani has revolutionised the concept of jewellery retail through this unparalleled gallery cum jewellery store.

“Our jewellery is very unique and different from what the market provides. Therefore, we wanted to come out with a very different concept in displaying and selling them as well,” stated Rizwan Sahabdeen, Managing Director Sifani, elaborating on the design concept of their new store in Colombo 3.

To complement his contemporary eye-catching collection of jewellery Sahabdeen has sought the creative skills of two very prominent and equally talented artists: Madhura Prematilleke, the eminent Sri Lankan architect who turned an otherwise simple basement into this spectacular gallery and Pala Pothupitiya, the international award winning sculptor involved in the moulding of those remarkable dancing figurines – the very key feature of this store.

“All over the world today retail and commerce are moving away from just selling a product to engaging the society and public at different levels. So we saw a window of opportunity here to play with this idea through this jewellery store,” stated Archt. Madhura Prematilleke, further expressing the fact that this would not only be a place to display and sell jewellery but also a exceptional opportunity to showcase other forms of creative art through its function as a gallery.

As you walk in through the glass doors and face the dancing figures you will be equally captivated by a series of feminine hands that protrude from the gleaming white walls, enwrapped in beautiful rings, bracelets and dangling necklaces adorned by colourful stones.

Internationally acclaimed Pala Pothupitiya along with the Korathota Designers have within a period of a year and a half, artistically moulded these one of a kind fabulous sculptures that will not be seen anywhere else. The figures are crafted with the use of fibre resin while their dresses are a result of experimenting with layers of fibre resin embedded with pieces of costume jewellery and glass.

Sifani is synonymous with contemporary and versatile products that are fashion oriented. Elegantly displayed in this distinctive precinct are a myriad of enthralling pieces that are carefully designed and crafted with precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds gold and silver by Sifani’s award winning designers. The magical versatility of a cheerfully delicate flower shaped ring that conveniently converts into a pendant, or the brilliance of a diamond ring that changes colour to match your fashion needs are no doubt some of the highlights of Sifani.

The glowing white interior of the gallery is based on the premise of the ‘white cube,’ where a white surface would set off whatever it displays and brings with it a novel experience to the Sri Lankan consumer and art lover. “Our hope is that this will become not only a place to buy a piece of jewellery but a destination, a place in everyone’s must-see list,” expressed the architect.